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Folk2folk - Business Loans, Peer-To-Peer


Folk2Folk offers simple, straightforward, local lending and borrowing. We organise secured business loans for local business owners that have property or land to put up against the amount they wish to borrow. We match local businesses with investors across the UK giving both sides a fair rate. Folk2Folk was created to help local business access finance when banks refuse to lend by matching them directly with local investors.

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If you can utilise your property assets, secured peer-to-peer finance is a great option for businesses looking to grow or simply wanting a cash injection.

  • You can borrow: From £25,001 to £5 million or more
  • If you are: An individual, company or partnership based in the UK (excluding the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands) and are over 18
  • You will need: Security (land or property) other than your home as security for the loan. We will lend up to a maximum of 60% of the forced sale value of the security
  • Choose your term: You can choose either a fixed term loan of up to 5 years’ duration or an Easy In/Easy Out loan (3 months’ notice by Borrower or Lender). In certain circumstances a pre-auction letter of credit can be issued to assist Borrowers who intend to bid for a property at auction


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We insist on loans secured by a mortgage over property to protect our Lenders’ interests. How it works:-

  • Apply via our online application form specifying any preferences or areas of interest
  • Choose either ‘Greenlight Lending’ and leave us to automatically commit your funds to first available lending or choose from the list of available lending opportunities on our Lender website
  • Choose whether to lend to one Borrower or to a number of separate Borrowers
  • Solicitors are appointed to perfect security before releasing your funds to Borrowers
  • We aim to complete lending within 7-10 calendar days from a Borrower application being made, although timescales will often depend on the conduct of other parties

Invest your money

Risk Warning

Investment in bonds, loans, debentures, property, environmental, equity and social through any crowdfunding platform is usually high risk. You could lose all or part of your capital. Please read the risk warning and terms and conditions of each company as they vary from site to site. Please make sure you fully understand the investment before proceeding. Click here for our full risk warning.

  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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