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Funding Circle - Business Loans, Peer to peer lending

Funding Circle

Funding Circle is one of the oldest P2P lenders (est. 2009) for business loans. Enabling investors to directly lend to small businesses via 2 risk band products; Balanced and Concervative and exit via their active secondary market. Businesses can borrow between £5,000 and £500,000. Funding Circle's algorithm decides on which loans you buy. Loans are secured by a personal guarantee of the business owner and the business itself. The AutoLend system diversifies your investment. No more than 1% is invested in a single loan, reducing your risk. Investors include thousands of individuals, the Government-backed British Business Bank, local councils and universities.

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Funding Circle have lent to more than 28,000 businesses since 2010.

  • To help you get the return you’re looking for, you can choose between two lending options.
  • Your funds will be lent to businesses who borrow over 6 months to 5 years, but you have options to access your money at any stage.
  • There are no fees for selling loans. While usually very fast, selling loans is not instant and depends on demand from other investors looking to buy at that time.


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Currently offering rate from 4.5%. The UK’s largest marketplace, connecting investors with creditworthy businesses. 72,000 people and the Government-backed British Business Bank have lent £823 million to businesses since 2010. Lend automatically using 'Autobid' or choose businesses to invest in yourself. You have options to access your money at any time.

  • Back business loans secured by a personal guarantee via 2 products; Balanced option is higher risk but higher reward, Conservative option is a lower risk and lower reward
  • Funding Circle invest your money via an Autolend system (Autolend will diversify your money to 100+ business loans. Lend up to 1% of your money to each business. See Funding Circle)
  • 6 months to 5 year terms
  • There is a 1% annual servicing fee on the outstanding loan amount
  • There are no fees for selling loans via Funding Circle (please note that all loan parts offered for sale require another investor to purchase them. This means there is no guaranteed access to cash)
  • IFISA available

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Risk Warning

Investment in bonds, loans, debentures, property, environmental, equity and social through any crowdfunding platform is usually high risk. You could lose all or part of your capital. Please read the risk warning and terms and conditions of each company as they vary from site to site. Please make sure you fully understand the investment before proceeding. Click here for our full risk warning.

  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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