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Crowdfunding Opportunities in Leisure and Tourism

Limitless Travel Leisure and Tourism EIS
Limitless Travel helps disabled people by providing them with a worry-free world of exciting tours and holidays. It is founded and made up to meet the needs of people or guests with disabilities. The company offers group holidays and tours to the accessible travel market. The business generates revenue by organising and curating the sales of the tour. With the proceeds, Limitless Travel will increase the product range and include a varied range of travel services in different market sectors. The revenue will be generated by earning a commission (15-25%) and generating a margin (25-35%) from a cost-plus model. The management has prepared conservative forecasts that assume a modest growth in the business over a limited range of holiday products and a modest 5x exit in 2023 for £9.5 million. 
investment: £320,002 target: £250,000 pre-money valuation: £3,298,387
status: Stretch 72 days
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Premium Figaroo Leisure and Tourism EIS SEIS
Offering access to VIP experiences by connecting club goers and club promoters together through invite-only. Figaroo has created a technological solution for club owners to promote luxurious and exclusive nights for those looking to spend extra money for access to memorable areas and locations. Figaroo has already received 835 access requests and is in currently in discussion to expand their services to 20 cities, including Madrid and Milan. Their app can track a user's spending habits, how often they tend to go out and which clubs they frequently visit. This data can assist club promoters in ensuring they allocate funds at the right time and venues to attract their desired target audience.
investment: £188,710 target: £90,000 pre-money valuation: £600,000
status: Expired
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Premium Holiday Online Leisure and Tourism SEIS
Holiday Online is a holiday listings business that aims to capture the holiday listing market in the coastal and rural regions around the UK. Partnered with Airbnb and Booking.com, the company aims at helping holiday home owners in these regions to generate online bookings without any hassles. NorfolkHoliday.com, the company's first brand, was launched as an owner acquisition site to appeal to holiday home owners in the Norfolk region. With its proceeds, Holiday Online is planning to build a new brand known as 'SuffolkHoliday.' The company plans to scale up the number of property listings that they have around the UK and to launch into multiple areas helping holiday home owners to benefit from the £200M market in the UK.
investment: £104,726 target: £75,002 pre-money valuation: £651,000
status: Expired
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Tiger and Butterfly Leisure and Tourism EIS SEIS
Tiger and Butterfly is a high end children’s hair salon in central London aimed at children aged  2 - 14. They will offer services from the first cut to fantasy party hair and offer party packages.   The investment will be used to secure a premises and building works, stock and salon expenses. (EIS and SEIS Pending)
investment: £33,140 target: £100,000 pre-money valuation: £900,000
status: Expired
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Important note to investors: This loan is underwritten by Dan Metcalfe who has provided us with a net worth statement which exceeds the value of the loans. Assets include shares in a private company not party to this pitch. Set amongst the natural beauty of the Lake District National Park and dating back to the 1700s, the Sun Inn is a traditional Lakeland Inn located in the unspoiled village of Hawkshead. Operated by Northern Pubs Ltd, this thriving 4-star venue features 8 letting rooms, as well as a full bar and restaurant service. The business has a strong turnover track record and has achieved year-on-year growth for three consecutive years. Turnover from 2013-2015: 2013 - £452,813 2014 - £464,192 2015 - £532,678 Led by Daniel Metcalfe, the management team has been providing an exceptional service for guests for over a decade now and has built a formidable reputation. The Sun Inn comes highly rated on some of the most trusted review sites, with 4.5-star and 4-star ratings on respectively booking.com and Trip Advisor. Northern Pubs Ltd is now raising £35,000 to refurbish the Inn’s restaurant to create a more formal setting for diners. This will allow the business to offer a more varied food menu featuring food of a higher value.
investment: £7,180 target: £35,000
status: Expired
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Tick Tock Unlock Leisure and Tourism EIS
Tick Tock is a profitable business, which was established in 2014 and their aim is to create amazing experiences for their guests using immersive entertainment. They are looking to launch their unique product in a London venue with free-roaming virtual reality experiences.
investment: £2,410 target: £1,000,000 pre-money valuation: £4,000,000
status: Expired
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Kingwood-on-Thames Ltd is a company run by experienced businessman James Slater who is part of a truly enterprising family whose interests include amphibious tours in central London and the manufacture of amphibious machines. He’s spearheading the acquisition of River Thames Boat Hire Ltd – a riverboat charter company with an annual turnover of £100,000. After extensive research, James has identified several areas of the Thames Boat Hire business which can be improved on. Having singled out each of the weaknesses, Kingwood-on-Thames will remodel the business to strengthen it from the bottom up, creating new partnerships, enhancing facilities and delivering additional marketing to initially increase the number of annual charters from 50 to 250 over four years. This represents a conservative 35% of the boats potential usage (the company has outlined 728 charters per annum as part of its forecasts). It is expected this will take sales from £100,000 to £1.25m in 4 years. A £300,000 equity deal for 25% of the company is available to investors. James himself will be investing £100,000 of the total amount alongside Funding Tree investors. You can join James as he endeavors to turn a steady, under-appreciated charter company into a more profitable, sought-after business. Plans in brief: - James will hire a dedicated, passionate manager to handle the business and take it from zero marketing to multiple marketing techniques and also drive the creation of new partnerships to increase brand awareness. - A new website featuring efficient contact and booking systems is currently in development by Somerset Website Services. It will be launched in the next few weeks under the Kingwood-on-Thames Ltd (KTL) banner. - New online advertising and increased social media activity and email marketing campaigns. - The remodeling of the business to incorporate high value clients as well as standard clients. This charter business has a unique selling point in its vessel’s historical significance. The Kingswood vessel was one of the 861 ‘little ships’ used for the evacuation of the British Expeditionary Force from Dunkirk in Operation Dynamo between 27 May and 4 June 1940. (www.adls.org.uk). The boat is in excellent condition having completed a maintenance check and survey in spring 2014 by Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA).
investment: £31,100 target: £300,000 pre-money valuation: £900,000
status: Expired
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Rentivo are building a new platform that aims to help owners & managers take control of their vacation rental business through technology and data. When guests are booking a rental, Rentivo will take payments, whilst guests are staying in your home Rentivo will manage your bookings and put your business on autopilot.
investment: £357,940 target: £250,000 pre-money valuation: £1,117,615
status: Funded
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Ridewithlocal Leisure and Tourism EIS
Ridewithlocal have engineered a marketplace designed to connect modern travel booking platforms and the existing services for action sports enthusiasts and simplify the process. Ridewithlocal currently have over 600 instructors based in countries all over the world.
investment: £88,510 target: £400,000 pre-money valuation: £1,750,538
status: Expired
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Texas Hold’em Poker - a game of luck mixed with skill, making it the gamblers weapon of choice against the odds. Whether online or in person, the card game has a global draw. UK online poker was valued at £329m by Deloitte in 2014. Devilfish Poker Ltd wants to stake its claim to some of the multi-million pound industry by re-launching its recognised UK poker brand. The brand has an illustrious past. With 1000s of games hosted per day at its peak, the previous owners filed revenues of £783,355 with £525,115 gross profit (June 2010). Mismanagement then sunk the company and the distinguished brand lay dormant. Devilfish Poker is now in the hands of Jeff Williams – an experienced seed capital investor who has worked within the small cap public market and who, along with an expert team (see management section), aims to reestablish the brand as a leading UK online poker room. The brand was backed by former professional poker player Dave ‘Devilfish’ Ulliott, who had a glittering career in poker that included a World Series of Poker winner's bracelet. Jeff has already started the ball rolling (or the cards shuffling) in recent months by signing with respected poker network, Ongame, which will host the platform once it relaunches in spring 2015 with a historic database of 10,000 registered players. To drum up more interest and grow the user base, Devilfish has signed a joint venture with Grassroots Poker – a provider of poker tournaments to public houses in the Greater Manchester area. The partnership will channel Grassroots players to the online poker site via larger tournaments. The company will also develop incentive programmes targeted at registered players of Grassroots. The company has all necessary partnerships in place as well as an expert team, who have decades of experience between them, to begin revitalising what was once a strong, dominant poker brand. To ensure the company has the requisite working capital, a figure of £100,000 for 10% equity will be needed, valuing the company at £1 million.
investment: £62,260 target: £100,000 pre-money valuation: £900,000
status: Expired
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There is no recognised brand in the self-catered sector focused on last minute, discounted holidays. For last minute holidaymakers existing websites either provide inaccurate availability and pricing or have limited inventory. For owners and management agents of rental homes there is no dedicated portal to help increase occupancy rates. Snaptrip matches the supply with the demand with an efficient aggregated marketplace to offer a new and technically innovative brand to the self catered sector.
investment: £515,086 target: £500,000 pre-money valuation: £2,910,641
status: Stretch
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LuxOlympus Mayfair Leisure and Tourism EIS SEIS
LuxOlympus Mayfair are a Travel Agency who specialise in luxurious and exclusive holidays across the globe and are regulated and authorised by the TTA (Travel Trust Association). They are currently in discussions to build a presents in the UK, Greece, Italy, The Philippines, Monaco and China.  This year they aim to appoint representative in 3 main cities of India. (EIS Pending)
investment: £121,910 target: £110,000 pre-money valuation: £885,000
status: Expired
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  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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