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Crowdfunding Opportunities in Professional, Financial and Business

A FCA-authorised and regulated digital credit card on smartphones, for those with modern and busy lifestyles. Jaja aims to offer a fair and transparent banking service that gives consumers greater confidence, control and freedom over their finances. The company has tested their app and card with Visa and has partnered with Asda to offer online credit instantly. Jaja's business model allows revenue to be generated via interest payments from revolving lines of credit. Two products will be offered to consumers; the Jaja Credit Card and Jaja Pay. Both will be suitable for B2B and B2C operations. Investments will be used to launch a beta round for 5,000 users to build a community before the products are publicly released. In addition, Jaja intends to expand its customer service team and produce marketing campaigns for their business.
investment: £3,345,859 target: £3,000,000 pre-money valuation: £19,006,371
status: Stretch 18 days
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Cloud-based SaaS software with the purpose of efficiently generating corporate management reports to reduce operational costs and improve data quality. Synapse's service can be implemented into pre-existing financial reporting systems to produce automated reports, even in large companies. Customers include Lloyds Bank, who have signed a 2-year term and the Bank of England have contacted Synapse to potentially integrate the system.
investment: £786,884 target: £900,010
status: Active 18 days
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A personal data management service based in the cloud, providing customers and business compliance tools. PORT is a B2B SaaS hub for businesses to control their customer's personal data and ensure its security in a quick and efficient manner. The service can be fully integrated into existing technology frames whilst providing options for scalability and offering full API access. PORT reduces the risk of businesses facing fines and losing reputation and customers as the service is GDPR compliant. PORT's revenue is derived from monthly subscriptions to use the service. Enterprise businesses can license the service as revenue sharing agreements to be used for their business customers. The company also offers a consultancy service that consists of the PORT team, professionals and partners who have revenue sharing agreements.
investment: £110,002 target: £300,000 pre-money valuation: £5,688,275
status: Funded 39 days
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YProTech provide a specialist service for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology (life sciences) and applied chemical sectors. They provide a fast and reliable delivery of laboratory scale chemistry development services.
investment: £234,438 target: £134,000 pre-money valuation: £1,354,889
status: Extended
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 AskIf is platform that provides loan funding to small businesses. Each borrower has one or more relationship managers they can talk to. They are collecting data around social impact and are planning on monetising the data within their own business model and also to external stakeholders. AskIf will use the funding to expand referral partnership, increase the amount of their lending partners that are using the platform, make strong relationships to bring in new tech resource in house and bring in loan capital. 
investment: £668,753 target: £399,995 pre-money valuation: £3,001,323
status: Extended
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Driftrock are a digitasl media media marketing company who specialise in creating simple easy to use advertising tools.
investment: £800,278 target: £600,002 pre-money valuation: £5,702,540
status: Stretch
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FairMoney is a Price Comparison Website (PCW) specialising in comparing loans for consumers using machine intelligence. They ensure consumers receive the most appropriate loan by taking into account the lender's underwriting criteria, as well as the borrower's credit situation by using their proprietary algorithms.
investment: £200,000 target: £600,000
status: Active
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A money transfer service allowing customers to send money worldwide at a lower cost compared to traditional methods. TransferGo has been gaining 1,000 customers a day since May 2018 and currently has over 700,000 users. They have processed almost £781m on their platform through 1.3m transactions and operate on a gross profit margin of 6.7%. TransferGo has 5 offices located in London, Berlin, Istanbul, Warsaw and Vilnius, with more than 100 employees globally. The company recently launched their new product, dubbed 'NOW', that enables users to send and receive monies in less than 30 minutes across borders. Revenue is generated via fixed transfer fees and currency conversion fees ranging from 0.0% to 2.2% per transaction. These fees are dependent on the currency's origin and the amount being transferred. A free option is available to customers whose transaction may take a couple of days to transfer. Funds are being raised to expand the business into emerging markets and introduce new products and services. This also means that TransferGo is aiming to provide local-language support and build new partnerships to attract more customers to their platform.
investment: £11,264,236 target: £11,119,481 pre-money valuation: £58,742,945
status: Extended 16 days
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An IT recruitment and training site launched to meet the demands of enterprises that require highly skilled tech professionals. 365 Talent Portal offers companies to hire IT consultants at a lower price compared to traditional recruitment hubs. The company also allows IT professionals registered on the site to access training and certification programmes that will expand their current skillset and become more marketable to potential employers. 365 Talent Portal is raising funds to produce more prominent marketing campaigns and establish their brand in major markets such as the USA. In addition to this, the company will be using AI more heavily and develop a more automated approach on their platform for their customers.
investment: £58,000 target: £500,000
status: Active 3 days
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The first regulated crowdfunding business in the UK offering investment opportunities in environmental, ethical and social companies. Since 2011, Abundance has funded 34 investments totalling more than £75m, whilst delivering gross returns of 4-15% per year across renewable energy, social housing and sustainability projects. This equates to total interest returns of £12.1m. More than 5,250 investors on the platform have contributed funds almost 5 times on average over various campaigns. Abundance also offers an IFISA product and as at April 2018, they have 8% of the IFISA market, which equates to over 2,900 ISA customers. The business’s investor's numbers have grown 52% since January 2017 and in the past year their customer portfolio has seen a 30% increase. In the last 3 years, marketing expenditure efficiency has also improved by 76%. Abundance's services are free-to-use for investors. This means there are no fees for investing or withdrawing funds in opportunities or ISA products. Revenue is generated from borrowers who are seeking to raise finance for their projects. This is in the form of a set-up fee and a regular admin fee per year. The business is crowdfunding to expand on the types of projects they currently offer, as a means to attract a wider range of investors. In addition, Abundance aims to market the campaigns on the platform through numerous channels and upgrade the technology they currently use to enhance the user experience.
investment: £1,403,566 target: £1,200,000 pre-money valuation: £16,558,974
status: Extended 11 days
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A solutions provider using software to aid businesses in improving their marketing strategies and sales performance for maximum impact. Dignius use data feeds from various sales and marketing platforms to help organisations gain insight into the best course of action to take based on customer activity. The company currently has around 80 clients and in the UK alone has generated over £542k in revenues in 2018. Diginius has already exapnded to Sweden and South Africa.
investment: £237,000 target: £500,000
status: Active 19 days
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A share tip service to save investors time and money by consolidating the most trusted tipsters and analysts to follow and copy. Stockomendation aims to increase trading activity and engagement on trading platforms by aggregating, tracking, collating and analysing tips offered by those working in the industry. They use a multitude of sources including brokers, websites and researchers so investors can view and follow track records of success with confidence. Stockomendation has received a £100k UK Government Innovation Grant, £200k from the Development Bank of Wales Technology Fund, partnered with a leading UK University and developed artificial intelligence technologies using Big Data to analyse the market for stock tips and advising which shares to buy or sell. To date, in the UK more than 40,000 stock tips and 300 analysts and tipsters have been tracked for the 7,500 current investors on the platform. Revenue is generated via monthly membership subscriptions, as well as licensing agreements, partnerships, sponsorships and advertisements. Stockomendation has launched in the UK and is now seeking funds to expand into the EU, USA, Canada and Asia. In addition, this funding round will allow the business to launch further monetisation methods to increase B2C and B2B relations, recruit key hires, develop multi-lingual offerings, increase data collection and develop more sophisticated functionalities such as widgets.
investment: £291,001 target: £350,018 pre-money valuation: £2,778,294
status: Active 16 days
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  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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