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Crowdfunding Opportunities in Technology

Graphene Composites Technology EIS
Graphene Composites is a nano-materials technology company that creates the strongest, lightest, most resilient material by combining aerogel, graphene, and other nano-materials. Founded in 2016, the company, in partnerships with US/Global defence/aerospace contractor, is one of the few graphene nanotechnology companies who are developing bulletproof graphene/aerogel armour. Moreover, it is also extending its GC Shield technology to military/police applications. Besides these, GC's technology can also be used to improve the strength and reliability of wind turbines.
investment: £201,960 target: £100,000 pre-money valuation: £21,200,000
status: Active 27 days
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Tregiv is a web and application-based platform which can be used for giving of monetary gifts for all festivals. As the money gifted, the tree grows and, it also holds personal messages. The company has future strategic partnerships planned; TreGiv cash for savings online. The money is kept secure within the MangoPay payment platform. A part of the investment will be used for the fulfilment of the front end web platform, application integration & payment interface, and the remaining will go for working capital and marketing costs.
investment: £25,130 target: £50,000 pre-money valuation: £333,333
status: Active
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ImproveWell LTD Technology EIS
Improvewell Ltd is a digital solution that focuses on Quality Improvement that empowers the frontline staff to drive change. Improvewell has three main feedback systems with which the staff can share theme-based improvement ideas, how their day at work is going, help organisations track workforce sentiment, and complete bespoke pulse surveys. Improvewell comes with a SaaS-based business model. With the proceeds, the company will expedite its business growth and capture the global market share.
investment: £200,000 target: £300,000 pre-money valuation: £4,700,784
status: Active 70 days
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WebTicketManager   Technology EIS
WebTicketManager Limited or WTM has made an online software platform which helps the customers by providing information on attractions and events, with a complete ticketing solution. The company has customers including The Beatles Story museum and stadium tours at Twickenham and Chelsea FC and has over 250 other users. The company will use the funds for developing capital for marketing.
investment: £0 target: £557,000 pre-money valuation: £2,095,381
Brainpool AI Technology
Brainpool AI is a global network of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning experts applied to Business. One of the top 10 AI Consultancies of 2019, the network has helped major companies like EY, Sainsbury, and Facebook in applying AI in automating and increasing their efficiency of operations. Brainpool AI's AI experts have been featured in many tech publications like Forbes, Daily Mail and Bloomberg. With the proceeds, the company will accelerate the process of bringing its first two products to the market. It will also improve its team, marketing & sales, employee training, etc.
investment: £70,199 target: £120,001 pre-money valuation: £3,511,596
status: Active 34 days
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effie Technology EIS
Effie is a machine designed to automatically iron your clothes at home. The prototype of the machine was created to automatically iron the shirt regardless of its size, colour, or cut. This technology is patent-pending that underpins this process. There are over 350,000 registrations from customers who are willing to buy the product. The product has been covered by many reputed media platforms like Evening Standard, House Beautiful, UNILAD and many more. With the investment proceeds, the company will take its patent-pending technology and further develop it into a fully-completed prototype which is fully user-tested.
investment: £781,302 target: £1,500,003 pre-money valuation: £7,518,120
status: Active 37 days
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GoodBox Technology EIS
GoodBox is a tech-for-good company transforming the charity sector with established fundraising technologies which effortlessly combine donors and causes. It has worked with more than 600 charities and dealt with over £2,000,000 in donations. GoodBox has a team of 25, received an array of awards, and been part of reputable accelerator programmes. The company gives its 700+ clients access to a real-time analytics portal which monitors the efficiency of their fundraising. The proceeds will service four main areas: Hardware/stock, Research and Development, Team expansion, and Marketing & PR.
investment: £1,564,614 target: £1,000,005 pre-money valuation: £18,797,675
status: Extended 24 days
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We Build Bots Technology EIS
We Build Bots is an AI-powered automation software for the public sector. WBB is a GovTech company that creates multi-award-winning software for the public sector. Its core product is IntelAgent which is a cloud-based customer service platform that combines bots, AI, voice, and analytics. This product helps the public sector in delivering more efficient and faster customer care. We Build Bots has won 3 awards for innovation and developed 2 new products, Triage and Tickit. It has also launched a successful podcast that focusses on the innovation of the public sector. With the proceeds, the company will create additional recruitment salaries and fees for 2 new developers, 1 new sale, and 1 Business Analyst. It will increase its marketing, improve its live events and PR to complement digital activities.
investment: £288,430 target: £250,000 pre-money valuation: £3,021,340
status: Extended 8 days
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OneSub Technology SEIS
OneSub uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to understand thousands of articles a day and provides a customized news source that promotes difference of ideas. It monitors the reading history of the users and fills in any knowledge gaps. OneSub also provides alternative content from Facebook, Apple news and many more. The company has developed and expanded a working prototype of the platform. The funds will be used for product and team expansion.
investment: £106,830 target: £100,008 pre-money valuation: £900,000
status: Stretch 1 days
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Padoq Technology EIS
Padoq is a creative game-changing mobile application development platform for organizations and businesses which enables customers of all forms and dimensions to engage, organise and monetise. Its functionality includes Photo, file and video sharing, Event Management, Payment collection etc. The company is listed on the G-Cloud public sector procurement framework, is ISO-certified and, it has won Venturefest in the NW and membership of the Maserati 100 by the Sunday Times. With the proceeds, the company will target the release of a self-serve advertising platform that will allow communities and businesses in benefiting controlled advert inclusion.
investment: £793,409 target: £850,001 pre-money valuation: £4,952,400
status: Active 29 days
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ExpertApps Technology EIS
Expert Apps is an all-in-one solution to license a fully functional social networking app to businesses, coaches, brands, and industry experts. With its use independent, trusted and valuable communities can be built having their own brand identity. Expert Apps has acquired more than 40 clients such as BBC, Khadija Kalifa, and Apprentice finalist who are using this technology. In its first year of trading, the company received more than ¼ million in sales revenue. It also has a healthy profit, a strong client reputation, and many social followers. In 2019, Expert Apps has 41 app licence holders, a GP of £256,012, and sales of £281,096.
investment: £313,188 target: £255,003 pre-money valuation: £6,820,000
status: Extended 8 days
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Nurturey Technology EIS
Nurturey is a smart digital Redbook for parents that helps in managing children’s development from pregnancy to childhood. It has 160,000 FB fans and more than 60,000 application downloads, globally. Its blog page has 500,000 unique visitors and 4.5 million visits. Its aim and ambition are to become the default Redbook. With the proceeds, Nurturey will prepare itself to become the default Redbook in the UK to appropriate backing from NHS.
investment: £512,994 target: £90,000 pre-money valuation: £3,702,375
status: Extended 36 days
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  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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