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Crowdfunding Opportunities in Technology by Envestors

VoxSmart Technology EIS
VoxSmart is a global mobile technology company focused on achieving compliance in a very heavy regulated industries such as finance and banking. VoxSmart software is embedded on the mobile device and allows the capturing and recording of all communications on that device
investment: £3,857,500 target: £500,000
Edozo Limited Technology EIS
Edozo goal is to transform data storage, data sharing and workflow efficiency for commercial property professionals. 
investment: £350,000 target: £400,000
Zap&Go Technology EIS
Zap and Go have created ultra fast technology for cordless and hand held devices by using Carbon-Ion technology which result in ultra-fast charging, taking 5 minutes or less. The technology is part derived from Oxford University and in part developed independently by Zap&Go's own scientists.   
investment: £1,353,551 target: £2,000,000
Care Line Live Technology EIS
Care Line Line have created a revolutionary product for the home care industry which handles electronic rotas, timesheets, electronic call monitoring, payroll and invoices from anywhere using a cloud-based management platform. The product is sold directly to care agencies based on the number of carers employed and each carer is supplied with a mobile handset. 
investment: £330,000 target: £330,000
Ancon Technology EIS
Ancon is designed to detect trace elements of things such as explosives, drugs and chemical weapons in the air. Ancon manufactures equipment and components that are up to 10,000 times more sensitive then anything else on the market.
investment: £1,043,525 target: £1,480,000
Cable Dental Technology
Cable Software Limited (“Cable Software” or the “Company”) aspires to become the recognised B2B cloud based procurement exchange across the high-end regulated medi-markets. Initially, the Company is focusing upon the dental market before moving into veterinary, ophthalmic and general medicine. Helping dentists to work closely together.
investment: £10,000 target: £500,000
Screach Technology EIS
Screach provides consumer focused venues with the ability to intelligently engage and interact with their customers via installed digital displays (TVs) and mobile phones. The Screen Reach software dynamically changes the screen content to improve its effectiveness in driving more sales by displaying relevant engaging content and promotions. 
investment: £590,000 target: £1,500,000
Airbeem Limited Technology
End-to-end platform that enables content owners to profitably deliver video content direct-2-user in a complex multi-device world.
investment: £510,000 target: £1,000,000
Adapttech Technology EIS SEIS
Adapttech aim to reduce the number of sessions needed to adjust a prosthetic to it’s owner, making prosthetics more comfortable at a much faster rate. Their technology uses a laser scanner combined wearale sensors to determine where the socket needs adjustments.
investment: £1,225,000 target: £1,700,000
Kaleao Limited Technology EIS
Kaleao has created simple, agile and flexible hardware and software systems which provide 10x more performance per unit of space and consumes 4x less energy. They maintain all promises of the hyperconvergence through the convergence of compute, storage and networking hardware whilst teamed with a full-featured and flexible software platform.
investment: £2,050,000 target: £3,500,000
Third Bladetec Bitcoin Mine Technology
Third Bladetec Bitcoin Mine is aiming to be the largest bitcoin mine in the UK. They are looking to raise £10million to fund the building and operations of the mine.
investment: £1,195,000 target: £10,000,000
Simply Get Results Limited Technology EIS
Simply get results limited are a universal data analytics solution, improving financial performance through people. They have established a client portfolio of household names and are profitable with over £400k of revenue. They save organisations tens of millions of pounds using their proprietary software and unique algorithms to find patterns and trends to present unseen opportunities.
investment: £205,000 target: £400,000
  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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