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Crowdfunding Opportunities by Envestors

An IT recruitment and training site launched to meet the demands of enterprises that require highly skilled tech professionals. 365 Talent Portal offers companies to hire IT consultants at a lower price compared to traditional recruitment hubs. The company also allows IT professionals registered on the site to access training and certification programmes that will expand their current skillset and become more marketable to potential employers. 365 Talent Portal is raising funds to produce more prominent marketing campaigns and establish their brand in major markets such as the USA. In addition to this, the company will be using AI more heavily and develop a more automated approach on their platform for their customers.
investment: £58,000 target: £500,000
status: Active 3 days
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Metal matrix composite components and materials, primarily comprised of aluminium for use in the engineering and manufacturing industries. Alvant specialise in designing, developing and producing the composite for well-known clients such as Ford and Safran. In the last financial year, Alvant achieved a turnover of almost £617k and has invested more than £10m towards manufacturing and testing their own product. Alvant is now raising funds to distribute their components to a wider market and expand the number of commercial applications that would benefit from their materials.
investment: £890,000 target: £2,500,000
status: Active 44 days
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A solutions provider using software to aid businesses in improving their marketing strategies and sales performance for maximum impact. Dignius use data feeds from various sales and marketing platforms to help organisations gain insight into the best course of action to take based on customer activity. The company currently has around 80 clients and in the UK alone has generated over £542k in revenues in 2018. Diginius has already exapnded to Sweden and South Africa.
investment: £237,000 target: £500,000
status: Active 19 days
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Sutrue Medical EIS
The world's first automated suturing tools for safe closure of standard and endoscopic wounds. Sutrue have already patented their devices and use industry-standard needles to offer clinical quality with improved speed and accuracy at the touch of a button. Needles are held in disposable cartridges as a safety feature to prevent injury when piercing skin with contaminated needles. This protects staff both during and after surgery for those working in medical and veterinary environments. Sutrue is raising finance for the production process of their equipment, as well as applying for CE regulation via medical evaluations to receive approval to deploy their products in human and animal surgeries.
investment: £0 target: £750,000
status: Funded 78 days
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VoxSmart Technology EIS
VoxSmart is a global mobile technology company focused on achieving compliance in a very heavy regulated industries such as finance and banking. VoxSmart software is embedded on the mobile device and allows the capturing and recording of all communications on that device
investment: £3,857,500 target: £500,000
Edozo Limited Technology EIS
Edozo goal is to transform data storage, data sharing and workflow efficiency for commercial property professionals. 
investment: £350,000 target: £400,000
EarlyBird have created a number of different healthy snack packs, all made with fresh ingredients. EarlyBird deliver their snacks straight to your door meaning you don't have to leave the comfort of your home. 
investment: £168,000 target: £750,000
Nutraformis Limited Health and Fitness
Liquid supplements are a faster acting and a more efficient way for the body to absorb key active ingredients than taking pills. Our scientists have developed formulations involving leading active ingredients such as collagen in order to create the perfect wellness solution in every bottle. Each LQ bottle is packed full of 9 or more active ingredients all in one easy to drink, daily 50 m bottle.
investment: £355,000 target: £650,000
Orthogem Limited Medical EIS
Orthogem is a UK based manufacturer of synthetic bone grafts. Synthetic bone grafts are substitutes for human bone grafts and are designed to replace bone that has been lost. Orthogem have recently started to produce their product in a putty form in order to keep up with the changes in the market. 
investment: £722,784 target: £500,000
Garbanzo Snacks Catering, Food and Drink EIS
Garbanzo Snacks is a profitable businesses, currently selling their chickpeas with a sprinkling of flavour in 725 Holland and Barrett stores. They use 100% chickpeas with minimal processing, this keeps the products as pure and unadulterated as possible. 
investment: £0 target: £250,000
A technology based education platform for teachers, parents and students to send and receive feedback on a child's learning progress. Kinteract allows parents to be more involved in their children's education as the service records their learning development. By using AI, Kinteract can give recommendations on subjects where the student may need more support and show insights of their progression compared to national averages. The service is accessible via a mobile / tablet app and through a desktop interface. Funds raised will be used to complete the development of the product and hire a sales and support team, in addition to marketing campaigns.
investment: £75,000 target: £1,750,000
Sugru is the worlds first mouldable glue. Sugru can be stuck to; ceramics, glass, metal, wood, and most plastics and fabrics. For 30 minutes the glue is moudable and after 24 hours it turns into a durable, flexible silicone rubber.
investment: £435,000 target: £1,000,000
  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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