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Crowdfunding Opportunities by Envestors

Founded by entrepreneurs, Oliver Hutley (COO) and Rory Chichester (CEO), TECS Group is an expert provider of technology. TECS Group delivers non-discretionary critical services, such as Electrical Testing and Treatment, Gas Safety, and Fire Safety, on behalf of customers. These services are covered by strict legislation & regulation. Following a constant period of investment into developing a scalable and a solid operating platform, the TECS Group is embarking on its subsequent stage of growth. With the proceeds, the company will deliver and successfully implement its technology strategy, successfully drive for organic sales, increase the national coverage, and continue its final program.
investment: £92,870 target: £1,000,000
status: Active 8 days
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Edozo Limited Technology EIS
Edozo goal is to transform data storage, data sharing and workflow efficiency for commercial property professionals. 
investment: £350,000 target: £400,000
Nutraformis Limited Health and Fitness
Liquid supplements are a faster acting and a more efficient way for the body to absorb key active ingredients than taking pills. Our scientists have developed formulations involving leading active ingredients such as collagen in order to create the perfect wellness solution in every bottle. Each LQ bottle is packed full of 9 or more active ingredients all in one easy to drink, daily 50 m bottle.
investment: £355,000 target: £650,000
Adapttech Technology EIS SEIS
Adapttech aim to reduce the number of sessions needed to adjust a prosthetic to it’s owner, making prosthetics more comfortable at a much faster rate. Their technology uses a laser scanner combined wearale sensors to determine where the socket needs adjustments.
investment: £1,225,000 target: £1,700,000
Cable Dental Technology
Cable Software Limited (“Cable Software” or the “Company”) aspires to become the recognised B2B cloud based procurement exchange across the high-end regulated medi-markets. Initially, the Company is focusing upon the dental market before moving into veterinary, ophthalmic and general medicine. Helping dentists to work closely together.
investment: £10,000 target: £500,000
Sano Holdings Limited Catering, Food and Drink EIS
The mission at sano is to bring education and knowledge to everybody, so that they can eat healthly and take control of their own health. The strategy behind Sano to go is to become a leader in the healthy food delivery market.
investment: £0 target: £600,000
Backed by Dell, the Fantoo team has been handpicked by Michael Dell to aid users in making quick and smart decisions to increase their daily workflow with the use of AI. The application maximises productivity by identifying and prioritising certain tasks to improve efficiency. Fantoo is in partnership with Microsoft's Office365 team and has provided their solutions to Westcoast PLC, which has 400,000 paid users, amongst many other resellers and distributors.
investment: £525,000 target: £750,000
Garbanzo Snacks Catering, Food and Drink EIS
Garbanzo Snacks is a profitable businesses, currently selling their chickpeas with a sprinkling of flavour in 725 Holland and Barrett stores. They use 100% chickpeas with minimal processing, this keeps the products as pure and unadulterated as possible. 
investment: £0 target: £250,000
Aeristech Ltd Miscellaneous EIS
Aeristech are a hi-tech engineering company with patented electric motor technology. They use forced induction to compress air before entering the engine which allows more fuel to be burnt in the same amount of space and therefore lowers fuel consumption and lowers emissions. 
investment: £865,000 target: £1,400,000
Kaleao Limited Technology EIS
Kaleao has created simple, agile and flexible hardware and software systems which provide 10x more performance per unit of space and consumes 4x less energy. They maintain all promises of the hyperconvergence through the convergence of compute, storage and networking hardware whilst teamed with a full-featured and flexible software platform.
investment: £2,050,000 target: £3,500,000
Vmoto UK Distribution Ltd Vehicles and Transport
Vmoto’s primary business is B2B leasing of electric delivery scooters for local delivery of food and goods.  Its mission is to displace the use of petrol scooters in the fast-growing local delivery industry, deploying electric scooters which are cheaper to run than the incumbent petrol scooters owing to the use of electricity, which is 1/10th the cost per mile of petrol. 
investment: £100,000 target: £500,000
Sense Products is a food supplement company that currently have 5 products on the market; Sense for a night out (alcohol), Sense for nicotine lovers (smokers), Sense for cholesterol, Sense for city living (busy lives) and Sense for weight warriors.
investment: £200,000 target: £350,000
  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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