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Crowdfunding Opportunities by Venture Founders

Pyreos - Jan 2019 Technology
Ultra-low power and highly responsive thin film pyroelectric sensors, designed to withstand thermal shocks. Pyreos is one of the only suppliers in the world of these sensors, which can be manufactured in large quantities at a low cost. The product is primarily designed to detect fire and gas, as well as monitor fuel and oil for food safety. Pyreos's technology has received 88 patents, with a further 56 pending and has been developed in conjunction with Siemens from an R&D investment of £7m. 78% of the company's sales are generated via exports to the US, Germany, India, China and Korea. Pyreos has also received a grant from Innovate UK valued at nearly £1m for the continued development and manufacturing of their sensors.
investment: £4,054 target: £11,780
DABBOUS is a highly successful, Michelin starred, modern fine-dining restaurant and bar in central London. Opened in January 2012 by Ollie Dabbous and Oskar Kinberg, DABBOUS offers innovative style and creative interpretation of modern European cuisine in an industrial setting.  
investment: £3,124,165 target: £2,757,502 pre-money valuation: £2,870,053
Jupiter Diagnostics Medical EIS
Jupiter Diagnostics provide a patent-protected portable reader and test card to provide reliable and cost-effective blood results. Each test card has the ability to measure multiple tests from a prick of blood from the finger and can deliver laboratory-quality results in just ten minutes.
investment: £2,005,050 target: £2,132,376 pre-money valuation: £1,968,347
idio is the leading provider of Content Intelligence: a powerful new way to better understand a customer’s journey and engagement with online content. www.idioplatform.com
investment: £1,209,999 target: £1,000,000 pre-money valuation: £8,090,909
Zilico designs and manufactures the next generation of medical diagnostic devices that remove subjectivity, increase accuracy and deliver results in real-time for clinical screening programmes, globally.
investment: £1,770,065 target: £1,800,000 pre-money valuation: £8,200,000
Lein Applied Diagnostics Technology EIS
Lein applied diagnostics has developed products for non-contact measuring to be used in the healthcare and industrial sectors. They have parameters for measuring positing, thickness and refractive index.
investment: £384,074 target: £400,000 pre-money valuation: £6,496,552
freemarketFX is an FCA authorised, innovative peer-to-peer currency exchange, focused on the high-value B2B commercial spot FX market.
investment: £645,496 target: £506,209 pre-money valuation: £7,930,608
Cipher Surgical has developed a unique piece of technology to make keyhole surgery (laparoscopy) quicker and safer for both surgeons and patients.
investment: £1,825,399 target: £1,655,397 pre-money valuation: £6,621,588
BioSure HIV Self Test allows for private testing in a time and place convenient to the user. The test is discreetly delivered in the post and once everything is finished all the testing equipment can be thrown away in the bag provided with the usual rubbish. 
investment: £495,459 target: £504,721 pre-money valuation: £5,103,290
Technology Will Save Us Consumer Products EIS
Tech Will Save Us are an award-winning company which has developed a range of toys focused on learning through technology and play. The toys are not only built by the children but also are brought to life by coding and electronics. They aim to build a generation of digital creators, not just consumers. 
investment: £799,946 target: £750,000 pre-money valuation: £9,964,286
Feonic designs, develops and manufactures a range of invisible speaker products targeted at the retail and digital signage markets. With a strengthened management team and new strategic focus, Feonic now has a significant market opportunity to grow the business.
investment: £388,350 target: £711,100 pre-money valuation: £1,582,771
Breast cancer is the most common cause of death in women between the ages of 35 and 55 in Europe. Screening is therefore of paramount importance to catch the disease early and drastically increase the rates of survival. www.micrima.com
investment: £2,554,503 target: £2,000,000 pre-money valuation: £8,000,000
  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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