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Crowdfunding Opportunities in Manufacturing and Retail by Crowdcube

The Cannabis Oil Company Manufacturing and Retail EIS
The Cannabis Oil Company is an ethically led UK-based company. It manufactures an extensive range of CBD products with its 30,000 square foot distribution of research facility. The Cannabis Oil Company determines the benefits of CBD and how its usage can help people. It strives to offer high-quality products to its consumers with unparalleled manufacturing standards and end-to-end traceability. It has already secured 100 Acres of arable land, and within the next two-years, TCOC will plant its first crop. The company is planning to invest in research and development with the support of medical professionals, and it will carry its own in-depth research into the benefits of CBD with problems such as anxiety, insomnia, IBS and more.
investment: £361,490 target: £500,000 pre-money valuation: £10,000,000
status: Funded 3 days
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Koolskools is an award-winning clothing company that manufactures and supplies school uniform made in a fully certified Fairtrade in the UK. The company has a corporate client named North Link Ferries, and a latest business customer named Porsche Club GB. Koolskool has won contracts under both the Fairtrade and non-Fairtrade tenders, and it has also won a big contract with the National Union of Students. With the NUS contract, the company is going to scale up the business without compromising its universally known ethics and sustainability credentials.
investment: £41,150 target: £60,000 pre-money valuation: £500,000
status: Funded 9 days
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Pureeros is an online boutique and magazine for women’s intimacy and pleasure, with a purpose to transform the Sexual Wellness Market (worth $122bn). The online boutique provides safe high-technological products and, the magazine provides high-quality and educative content. The company aims to begin the conversation on sexuality, health and equality which resulted in having captivated the interest of top global press like Vanity Fair, L'Officiel and more. Pureeros have gained +10,000 followers in only a few months and, it has been featured in magazines like Vogue, Vanity Fair and many more.
investment: £97,030 target: £90,000 pre-money valuation: £1,300,000
status: Extended 3 days
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Gozney specialises in the designing and manufacturing of premium and creative stone & fire ovens for the commercial and home use. The company has invented the world’s first portable stone pizza oven, 'Roccbox' and made $1.2M pre-sales in 45 days. In 2018-19, it has received revenue of £5.4M and EBITDA of £0.2M. Gozney ovens are used by leading restaurant chains including MOD, Franco Manca and many more. Recently, the company has been ranked at No. 12 in the 5th annual Sunday Times WorldFirst SME Export Track 100. Gozney has witnessed a growth of 148% in international sales over the past 2 years. Furthermore, it aims to launch new products and accelerate expansion into overseas territories.
investment: £1,238,190 target: £500,000 pre-money valuation: £19,800,000
status: Extended 23 days
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BuyMeOnce is an online marketplace selling incredibly sustainable and long-lasting products. It is a novel mixture of review site and web-shop, using its criteria of craftsmanship, best materials, aftercare, ethics and independent reviews. BuyMeOnce's total addressable market is £404 billion across the UK and the US with a projected attainable market of £21 billion. By highlighting on durability and sustainability, BuyMeOnce is helping brands compete on quality. Till date, it has found and approved 2,000+ products that meet its standards. Its business model enables it to be unbiased where brands can't pay to be on BuyMeOnce. Furthermore, it is on a mission to reform throwaway consumerism and to reduce pollution, waste and CO2 emissions. 
investment: £413,850 target: £300,000 pre-money valuation: £2,400,000
status: Extended 9 days
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Winchester Distillery Manufacturing and Retail EIS
Winchester Distillery produces premium spirits in Winchester and the surrounding landscape. Established in 2014, it has grown each year with an average year-over-year increase of 82%. Winchester Distillery has grown organically over five years, with no external finance. Its brands are sold throughout the South of England, and its production is up to 1,000 bottles per week. Its UK trade customers include Fullers, Nectar, Tolchards, Matthew Clark, Majestic Wine and a vast portfolio of independent retailers. This company is covered by press like ITV Meridian and BBC. Additionally, it has 5-star reviews on TripAdvisor and attracted 19k social media following. With the proceeds, Winchester Distillery will increase production and reduce batch cost, install a brewhouse, and increased its UK marketing.
investment: £453,560 target: £375,000 pre-money valuation: £4,250,000
status: Extended 3 days
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MarketOrders is an award-winning B2B place that allows retail jewellers to purchase diamond and gold jewellery easily and directly from foreign suppliers. The company gives assured product quality and access to global designs to retailers. MarketOrders with the help of a variety of designs available online, has developed a UK customer base and three international suppliers on board. The company has won 10 awards including Hounslow Business Awards for Best New Business 2018. Additionally, it has been featured in Financial Times, The Sunday Times & Telegraph and many more. The funds raised will be used to grow the team, develop the technology platform and scale across the UK.
investment: £403,480 target: £400,000 pre-money valuation: £4,500,000
status: Stretch 11 days
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Cool Cold Brew Manufacturing and Retail EIS
Cool Cold Brew offers a variety of high-quality and healthier cold brew coffees. Currently, its range consists of 4 flavours: Latte, Mocha, Black and Coconut. Since its last Crowdcube campaign, Cool Cold Brew secured listings in over 150 locations with retailers including The Vegan Kind, Amazon, Whole Foods Market, Muscle Food, and the range is soon to launch with Ocado. Its cold brews are also distributed by Suma, The Health Store, Tree of Life, and more. Its plan is to use the proceeds to unlock new listings, develop its current market listings, bring new industry-first products to market and expand its team.
investment: £48,980 target: £100,000 pre-money valuation: £750,000
status: Funded 14 days
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Dinoski produces Roarsome Adventure Winterwear for Kids. Putting all the fun into functional, the company has launched a range of animal-themed snowsuits for kids aged 1-7. The company has sold 1000+ units across 20+ stockists in 8 countries. Dinoski has established many partners and, it has been asked by Penguin Books, Club Med and Crystal Ski for bespoke collaborations. The company is supported by more than 50 brands, and its aim is to become the no.1 children's adventure brand globally.
investment: £107,510 target: £200,000 pre-money valuation: £2,300,000
status: Funded 17 days
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Koy Clothing's mission is to design an African inspired clothing brand that is known globally for supporting cultural recognition and sustainable enterprise. The company supports the native cultures of Kenya through luxury fashion. Koy Clothing has been stocked in 12 UK retailers and 5 in Kenya. It has witnessed a growth of 244% in web sales in 2018-2019 worth £12,863 and, the total revenue in 2018 was £103,725. The company will use the funds raised for product design/development to expand the product range & increase marketing.
investment: £103,560 target: £100,000 pre-money valuation: £900,000
status: Stretch 4 days
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Blossoms Syrup Manufacturing and Retail
Blossoms Syrup is an award-winning, super-premium syrups brand. The syrups made by the company are unique in taste and provide the quality and intensity required by bartenders. The syrups are supplied to Michelin starred bars such as Heston Blumenthal and Gordon Ramsay. The company has attracted press coverage from the Telegraph, Olive magazine, and many Instagram blogs. Blossoms Syrup has won a number of Great Taste awards. The company will use the proceeds to develop sales, marketing and products, and to expand overseas.
investment: £33,360 target: £150,000 pre-money valuation: £500,000
status: Funded 16 days
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Easy-Fit Bedding Manufacturing and Retail
Easy-Fit Bedding has created a cutting-edge and innovative bedding product that can open from all four sides allowing easy access when fitting one's duvet inside the duvet cover. The company set to transform bed making, globally. It is sold online in the UK and, it is also available in the USA, Asia and Europe. Easy-Fit Duvet Covers have a unique design with registered rights in Europe and a US patent. The company has won Best Fitted-Bedding Retailer 2018 by CV Magazine. With the proceeds, the company will schedule to appear on a long-term nationwide TV Campaign, aired on popular TV channels, ensuring continued development and growth in sales.
investment: £21,480 target: £100,000 pre-money valuation: £2,500,000
status: Funded 19 days
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  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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