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Crowdfunding Opportunities

Premium Paysme Technology
Paysme is a finetech company that has the vision to become the entrusted supplier of digital financial services to SME communities, by gathering mobile payments, pensions, banking, insurance, e-commerce, marketing tools and accounting in the sector-focused application. Paysme has a marketing partnership with two major credit card corporates. Paysme's expert industry application includes Marketti for market traders, cab: app for taxis & Fanslive for sports clubs. The company has processed over 1.4 million mobile payment transactions and onboarded 200+ markets to its Marketti platform. Also, the company is in discussions with 3 major sports clubs (2 football and 1 rugby) in England, Ireland, and Scotland.
investment: £84,524 target: £250,000
status: Active 34 days
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Premium JustPark Technology EIS
JustPark assists businesses and homeowners to unlock value in their under-utilised space and improve the parking experience for 3.5 million drivers. It is ready to speed up its ambitious goals with its back up with the leading institutions LocalGlobe (Citymapper), BMWi Ventures (Lime) and Index (Deliveroo). At JustPark, the largest of a decentralised network of spaces are found which are growing continuously. Its digital market place connects underutilized spaces with drivers. The company has received many awards such as Fastest Growing Companies Award (2019), awarded by Sunday Times Tech Track 100 and the Innovator of the Year (2017 & 2018) award given by British Parking Awards. With the proceeds, JustPark will grow its core business, explore its role in the future of mobility, and expand into new markets.
investment: £6,891,870 target: £4,000,000 pre-money valuation: £80,000,000
status: Active 3 days
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Premium Seers Technology EIS SEIS
Seers Group LTD is a Data protection and Cybersecurity leader in the UK. It's a one-stop-shop for all industries related to the new data privacy laws and cybersecurity. In fact, it considers itself the UK's number one GDPR and cybersecurity expert. Seers Group is partnering with several businesses, accountancy firms, membership bodies, and has access to 300k businesses, which include even the early stage business. Furthermore, its user base is growing by 300% MoM. Seers' aim is to build a Business Development and Support staff to end partnership deals and give expert advice wherever needed.
investment: £255,001 target: £150,000 pre-money valuation: £2,603,304
status: Stretch 6 days
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Premium Genomes.io Technology EIS SEIS
Genomes.io is a safe and private DNA data storage application resolving the problem of DNA data breach and exploitation. It helps the users to store, manage, promote and arrange their genomic data in order. The company is a member of Consensys Labs Tachyon II Accelerator 2019. It has also signed MOU with TenX Health VC for lead investment and board position and, it is in discussions with Pharma & Biotech co for establishing partnerships. The company is seeking funds to bring its B2B and B2C products to market.
investment: £940,150 target: £800,000 pre-money valuation: £6,000,000
status: Active 19 days
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Premium HireHand Community EIS
HireHand is a VC-backed platform connecting people and businesses. The company has helped more than 2000 people in earning £3M by giving valuable support to 750 businesses owners in the UK. It has 750 businesses on its platform and it has received a 4.5-star quality rating from businesses. HireHand aims to provide people with stability and flexibility instead of under-employment and insecurity. It has been featured in the Financial Times media platform. HireHand has received funding from Mustard Seed Impact VC. With the proceeds, the company will hire additional technical talent and launch in New York (food retail) and London construction (scaffolding).
investment: £915,519 target: £1,000,005 pre-money valuation: £10,596,427
status: Funded 41 days
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The Rocksure Club Leisure and Tourism EIS
The Rocksure Club is an innovative information and tech-based Lifestyle & Travel brand. It is partly about creating a solution for travellers at the affluent end of the market. The company has a peer 2 peer HNW community at its core. The Rocksure Club is aiming to revolutionise the luxury market. It is an EIS approved business which has raised £1m in seed investment. There are more than £800k bookings made since its website launch in Q1 2018. The platform combines a concierge team with a hybrid platform offering: Private Social Platform, Online Itinerary Planning, and Mobile Application (in development). With the proceeds, the Rocksure Club intends to further develop its online social platforms and application.
investment: £65,800 target: £150,000 pre-money valuation: £2,500,000
status: Active 5 days
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Supermeal Technology
Supermeal is an online food ordering platform offering instant cashback to the customer for every order they place. Supermeal has served more than 50k orders and listed over 100k food items on its portal. The company is signing up 45+ restaurant partners every month with a total of registered 675+ restaurant partners. Supermeal has followed a business model that reduces the fees restaurants pay to 7% and provides a mandatory cashback (5%) to consumers. It has given £11,000+ in cashback and attracted over 10,000 customers generating £53k in device sales and £220,000 in orders. With the proceeds, the company will accelerate its marketing efforts, strengthen its senior management, and operational activities.
investment: £500,000 target: £1,000,000
status: Active 12 days
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Qynn is an investment opportunity and the world’s foremost provider of corporate information and insight on the unlisted UK SME market. The company has four live products: Hunter, QBase, Playground, and Qynn Score. In the next six months, the company will release many new products to multiply the current data stack. Qynn aims at creating the world's most advanced company search tool. With the proceeds, the company will be able to drive sales and product development.
investment: £170,031 target: £299,991 pre-money valuation: £1,199,964
status: Active 85 days
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EcoPrams is aiming to change the childcare experiences by raising capital to launch and produce plans. It is multi-functional and forward-thinking stroller technology that combines safe swing-seat, toy, and shopping basket that are engineered to address the baby's and parent's needs. The company's unique baby products are raising funds to introduce their first EcoSwingi, pram-system, to address the problems that parents face every day. EcoPrams focus is to launch an internationally recognized brand for parents. It also has a Green Channel Patent which is granted for a storage solution. The company plans to produce its product in China by using position-marketing-plans and e-commerce through internet retail-outlets and independent stores.
investment: £34,180 target: £65,000 pre-money valuation: £1,000,000
status: Active 15 days
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You Couture provides a comfortable and customised way for the busy professional woman to acquire office and boardroom ensemble. It takes the stress out of dressing for work by leveraging technology to allow for customization and a tailored fit. The company is in partnership with the leading women in the business world and have 1500 members. You Couture has been in partnership with Baroness Karren Brady and Cherie Blair. The company is scheduling the relaunch in January 2020.
investment: £32,690 target: £60,000 pre-money valuation: £950,000
status: Active 13 days
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Redevelopment of an old police station and new build of a 3-storey building in the heart of Norbury, London. The site has planning consent for 22 residential units (15 private and 7 shared ownership) and commercial space. The site is a short walk from Norbury station (20 mins to Central London).
investment: £0 target: £0
status: Repaid
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PathCloud Ltd Health and Fitness EIS
PathCloud aims to assemble the global clinical diagnostics resources and data and make them safely available and helpful. The company has created and tested one of the first scalable clinical diagnostics management platforms. It currently has 20,000 clinicians partner networks and 92 registered clinicians. Additionally, it has a network across 48 counties, has over 100 providers, over 3500 diagnostics tests registered and over 10,000 patients by partner telemedicine networks. These funds will be used to gain a significant portion of diagnostics supplier agreements towards the scaling objective, increase efforts towards the international markets and NHS and pursue telemedicine networks.
investment: £87,690 target: £200,000 pre-money valuation: £6,500,000
status: Active 21 days
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  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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