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Crowdfunding Opportunities in Film, Entertainment & Media

Funnel Music is a Music Rights and distribution business, designed to harness the power of modern technology in the music industry. Funnel’s unique business model will disrupt the sector through introducing considerable cost savings to the creation and commercialisation of an artist through Funnel’s ‘Shared Outcome Model’ thus providing sustainable long-term revenues for itself and the artists it engages with.
investment: £85,000 target: £85,000 pre-money valuation: £859,444
status: Extended
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Tent Peg Productions: Glorious Film, Entertainment & Media
Tent Peg Productions is financing for an independent British film shooting summer 2019 named Glorious. The film is licensed to Tent Peg Productions to produce/gather revenues. It is seeking to raise £125,000 in private equity (through Seedrs) to match the other sources of film financing that they have identified. The fund raised will go completely towards the production of its first feature film, Glorious. Further, any surplus investment will be used to increase the production spend on the film.
investment: £16,620 target: £125,000 pre-money valuation: £1,145,000
status: Active 1 days
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Primordial Radio Film, Entertainment & Media EIS
Primordial Radio is an interactive digital service catering to the metal and the UK rock community with 24/7 podcasts, radio programming, video, and events. It is a lively community that value the intimacy of personal communication above that of any intuitive algorithm. Primordial Radio is commercial free and solely devoted to protecting, improving, and promoting the needs and wants of the people within the UK rock and the metal community. Additionally, it is generating revenue from its four main sources: Membership, Merchandise, Events, and Partnerships/Promotions. The raised proceeds will be split into three parts: 70% Marketing, 20% Technology Development, and 10% Running Costs.
investment: £115,428 target: £80,017 pre-money valuation: £1,121,232
status: Extended 1 days
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Premium FortuneHunter TV Film, Entertainment & Media SEIS
FortuneHunterTV is the UK’s only TV Series providing specialist advice and bespoke content for small business owners. 100% for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. We have a defined targeted audience, delivering our content to them via their phones, tablets, computers and televisions. As Lyndon Wood says “FortuneHunter TV is full of nuggets of information, delivered to you by people who have actually faced the same problem, and overcome it successfully. Its like having an entire group of mentors on your phone or in your living room” There has never been a better time to invest in a business that encourages and supports budding entrepreneurs in the UK
investment: £9,240 target: £30,000 pre-money valuation: £270,000
status: Funded
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Premium PhotoSpotLand Film, Entertainment & Media
PhotoSpotLand allows you to discover great places where, when, how and with whom to shoot great photos. PhotoSpotLand is a helpful location guide for travel photography on the web and on your mobile. Previous explorers have left lots of practical information regarding their experiences on PhotoSpotLand's website.
investment: £26,924 target: £74,995 pre-money valuation: £1,311,234
status: Expired
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Premium BOS Films Ltd Film, Entertainment & Media SEIS
BOS Films specialises in creating and producing african themed films for mainstream audiences. The Directors first film, a love story about immigration, was a big success. It screened across the world, in the UK and the US and was also released in Africa.
investment: £1,560 target: £50,000 pre-money valuation: £671,501
status: Expired
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Cut A Long Story Limited Film, Entertainment & Media EIS SEIS
In 2015 “CUT” aims to become the world’s largest e-book publisher by author numbers. Over 700 pro-writers pre-registered before CUT even went live. CUT is a writers’ e-publishing community, powered by leading-edge technology. Imagine a LinkedIn for writers that is also an on-line destination for contemporary writing. CUT sells e-books, readable on ALL e-readers. Writers create content for CUT and this content drives traffic to the site. Leading edge publishing technology minimises costs so that e-Book publication carries no charge to writers. In turn, CUT receives 99 year rights on a 50/50 revenue share. CUT building huge content, over 300 e-books published already.
investment: £106,306 target: £150,000
status: Expired
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ANTISOCIALMEDIA.TV LTD Film, Entertainment & Media
antiSocialMedia.tv is a London-based video production company offering a range of fun, interactive and informational film production packages. Its primary product ‘Wedding Marryokes’ is changing the way couples look back on their wedding day. In the UK, the average wedding couple spends over £20,000 on their big day. The Wedding Marryokes package makes the bride, groom and wedding guests stars in their very own music/wedding video. The production intertwines choreographed scenes – singing, dancing, and miming words to a song of the wedding couple’s choice – with special moments shot during the big day to bring the whole occasion to life in one neatly packaged wedding video that’s a treat to watch again and again. The company owners are experienced film and technology professionals. Michael Andrews, who heads up filming and production, has a solid background in TV production. He’s worked on well-known productions such as Ricky Gervais’s ‘An Idiot Abroad’ and property shows on Channel Four. antiSocialMedia.tv will be extending its product portfolio at the end of January 2015 with the launch of a more romantic wedding video package. A third package, Partyoke Videos, caters for non-wedding events such as birthdays, Bar Mitzvahs, anniversaries, corporate events, hen and stag parties and more. This package runs on the same principles as the Wedding Marryoke: a fun, energetic music-driven video that makes the event an experience that can be watched over and over again. antiSocialMedia.tv has reached a stage where it has all the necessary products, expertise and technology but needs to increase marketing output to promote its exciting business. A £25,000 loan over 36months will ensure the business can reach potential customers effectively. Current trading figures show a monthly income of £6,500 and profits of £1,000. The way the business operates, revenue streams are predictable, given that clients tend to book 18 months in advance – making deposits at the time of booking. antiSocialMedia.tv has already secured £42,000 worth of business for the upcoming 18months and is looking to build on this by ramping up marketing activity.
investment: £26,350 target: £25,000
status: Funded
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Movie Collective Film, Entertainment & Media
Movie Collective is a way of investing in independent film making; their idea gives the crowd the opportunity to invest in a slate of independant movie projects.
investment: £549,210 target: £500,000 pre-money valuation: £2,990,000
status: Expired
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Amplify Music SEIS 4 Film, Entertainment & Media SEIS
Amplify Music, in association with the Music Managers Forum (MMF), provides UK tax paying investors with the opportunity to invest in the future careers of new and emerging music artists while benefiting from the significant tax advantages available through SEIS. MMF was established in 1992 and is now the largest representative body of artist managers in the world. MMF has over 400 members in the UK and represents over 1,000 of the world’s most successful acts.
investment: £0 target: £10,000
status: Expired
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Virtual Reality Universe Film, Entertainment & Media EIS SEIS
Virtual Reality Universe provides location based virtual and augmented reality experiences.  Expensive systems and hardware requirements put such experiences out of reach for most consumers.  Virtual Reality Universe aims are to change that by placing units in busy shopping areas and sports arenas.  (SEIS Partial)
investment: £57,900 target: £250,000 pre-money valuation: £1,416,666
status: Expired
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VENTURE GAMING LTD Film, Entertainment & Media SEIS
Venture Gaming Ltd are a social investment platform for poker with users registered as either a Pro or a Backer. Backers are able to meet, discuss deals and 'Back a Pro' for both online and live poker tournaments. Users have their own customer profile pages allowing Pro's and Backers to view each other's profiles and historical data.
investment: £6,660 target: £40,000 pre-money valuation: £300,136
status: Expired
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  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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