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Crowdfunding Opportunities in Manufacturing and Retail

King & Tuckfield Manufacturing and Retail EIS
A premium clothing brand that specialises on creating tailored merino and denim garments. King & Tuckfield manufacture their clothes in the UK and aim to produce long-lasting and sustainable products. The company is the award winner of "Best New Brand of the Year 2018" and fans of the business include Linda Tol, Jim Chapman, Laura Jackson, Emma Willis and Richard Biedul. King & Tuckfield launched in 2016 and their turnover has grown 5.5 times from 2017 to 2018. In Year 1, turnover reached £40k and in Year 2, turnover exceeded £260k. Funds are being raised to expand their e-commerce offering and acquire more sustainable materials for their clothes. In addition, the company is seeking to grow their collaborations and partnerships within the fashion industry.
investment: £71,250 target: £150,000 pre-money valuation: £2,795,300
status: Active 9 days
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Clothes Doctor Manufacturing and Retail EIS
A clothing maintenance business aiming to reduce fashion waste by offering to repair customers' wardrobes instead of garments being thrown away. Clothes Doctor has reworked and repaired more than 2,000 orders since July 2017. The business offers its services via its website and is also partnered with Karen Millen to bring their experience in-store. Clothes Doctor is raising funds to grow the business by investing in technological developments to fulfil orders at a larger scale. The company is also seeking to expand the number of partnerships to bring their services into more retail environments, as well as collaborate with tailors to provide an at-home fitting service.
investment: £265,070 target: £200,000 pre-money valuation: £2,400,000
status: Extended 1 days
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Metal matrix composite components and materials, primarily comprised of aluminium for use in the engineering and manufacturing industries. Alvant specialise in designing, developing and producing the composite for well-known clients such as Ford and Safran. In the last financial year, Alvant achieved a turnover of almost £617k and has invested more than £10m towards manufacturing and testing their own product. Alvant is now raising funds to distribute their components to a wider market and expand the number of commercial applications that would benefit from their materials.
investment: £890,000 target: £2,500,000
status: Active 44 days
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A fishing gear developer helping fishers increase their catch rate whilst protecting marine life caused by current fishing practices. Fishtek has produced 4 products to function alongside existing fishing gear and is already in use by companies across 35 countries worldwide, with 4 more products currently in the development stage. Investment is sought to further develop, distribute and commercialise these new products.
investment: £594,950 target: £900,000
status: Active 8 days
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Lakeland Leather Manufacturing and Retail EIS
In business since 1955, a sustainable leather goods retailer that specialises in natural finish, soft touch and fashionable products. Lakeland Leather runs 15 retail stores, that are all profitable, an e-commerce website and have recently created their wholesale division. In the 2017/18 financial year, revenue was £9.6m, of which 7% of the group's sales were from goods sold online and this figure is increasing rapidly. Funds will be used to further develop Lakeland Leather's e-commerce facilities to meet growing customer demand for high-quality leather products and become a market leader in the industry.
investment: £111,080 target: £500,000 pre-money valuation: £27,400,000
status: Active 3 days
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Blackshore, British Coastal Clothing Manufacturing and Retail EIS SEIS
A clothing brand that makes stylish, casual-wear garments in Great Britain targeted at men aged over 35. Blackshore consists of an experienced team that have created their first clothing collection, which is now ready for production after passing a sample test. The theme of this first range is for men who enjoy relaxing at coastal locations. One of the company's unique selling point is that repairs to garments are guaranteed for life. A website has already been built to showcase the brand's products, as well as being a sales channel.
investment: £13,660 target: £50,000 pre-money valuation: £950,000
status: Active 18 days
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The Baukjen Group Manufacturing and Retail
A women's clothing brand with wearers including Beyoncé, Angelina Jolie and Sarah Jessica Parker. The Baukjen Group is comprised of two brands; Baukjen, for timeless designs and Isabella Oliver, filling the gap in the maternity market. The company has experienced gross sales of more than £18m in the last financial year, with a net revenue of £10.7m and a positive EBITDA. Over the last two years, net sales have increased on average by 26%. 90% of their product range is manufactured in Europe and each order is shipped from their distribution centre in the UK to more than 172 countries. Stockists include Next Label in the UK and Nordstrom in the US. Investments will be used to increase the Baukjen's brand presence through physical retailers via concessions and pop-ups.
investment: £225,690 target: £400,000 pre-money valuation: £12,859,380
status: Active 21 days
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Premium JewelStreet Manufacturing and Retail EIS
Jewelstreet is on a mission to connect jewellery designers to buyers from all over world. They have 570 designers and brands with over 20,000 unique pieces of jewellery. The funding will be used for marketing to further the profile of Jewelstreet and increase their customer base.
investment: £251,770 target: £300,000 pre-money valuation: £5,545,547
status: Expired
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Premium ARK MARINE Manufacturing and Retail EIS SEIS
A hardware designer and manufacturer specialising in innovative tools and equipment for yachts. Ark Marine have developed a solution for modern yachts to lift and launch dinghies with ease from a simple pushbutton operated system. According to the team's research, the product market could be potentially valued at over £600m. The company is a member of British Marine and has submitted patents for approval for developments in the future.
investment: £108,590 target: £500,000 pre-money valuation: £1,200,000
status: Expired
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SELECT UNIFORMS LTD Manufacturing and Retail
When it comes to looking good these guys have it covered. Select Uniforms already has the confidence of multiple customers who have contracts in place for its line of bespoke uniforms. The company is now looking for investment to increase profits by manufacturing its own shirt ranges. Established in 1997, the company has seen consistent growth, attracting interest and garnering contracts from council managed bus companies and haulage firms (to name but a few). Select Uniforms’ predominant business is offering a measure and personalisation service. The company is currently generating £27,000 a-month income of which £4,000 is profit. The loan is to fund production of a new shirt range at a factory in China which has been both visited and vetted by the company. Previous business loans taken out by Select Uniforms have been paid back in full without any defaults. Testimonials: Mike Oldroyd operations director at Hanson Logistic: ““The result was that we have made a large saving, our staff look the part and the garments are top quality.” Thamesdown Transport Ltd , London Borough of Bexley: “We carried out a wearer trial with Select Uniforms for six months and were very impressed with the overall service they offered. The garments offer good value for money, but the level of personal service and innovative approach to uniform issue convinced us to commit to Select Uniforms for three years. It’s refreshing to place an order and know the guys will be wearing it in 10 days’ time”
investment: £41,250 target: £40,000
status: Funded
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A shoe company for those working in the service industry with the aim to make extremely comfortable footwear. Foot Ease have worked alongside industry experts with more than 15 years of experience to develop products that will be ready for distribution before the end of 2018. The business has collaborated with a footwear specialist manufacturer who may be a key investor in the future.
investment: £34,290 target: £120,000 pre-money valuation: £480,000
status: Expired
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L'Estrange London Manufacturing and Retail EIS
A menswear fashion company that saves time and hassle by using their modular clothing system. L'Estrange London clothing is designed to be versatile and can be combined in any way desired that will look great in any setting. L'Estrange is already available across 30 major stores from NYC to Tokyo and has seen YoY growth of more than 140%.
investment: £367,090 target: £300,000 pre-money valuation: £2,350,000
status: Expired
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  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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