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Crowdfunding Opportunities in Professional, Financial and Business

Driftrock are a digitasl media media marketing company who specialise in creating simple easy to use advertising tools.
investment: £800,278 target: £600,002 pre-money valuation: £5,702,540
status: Stretch
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Cloud-based SaaS software with the purpose of efficiently generating corporate management reports to reduce operational costs and improve data quality. Synapse's service can be implemented into pre-existing financial reporting systems to produce automated reports, even in large companies. Customers include Lloyds Bank, who have signed a 2-year term and the Bank of England have contacted Synapse to potentially integrate the system.
investment: £807,759 target: £900,010
status: Active
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YProTech provide a specialist service for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology (life sciences) and applied chemical sectors. They provide a fast and reliable delivery of laboratory scale chemistry development services.
investment: £234,438 target: £134,000 pre-money valuation: £1,354,889
status: Extended
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 AskIf is platform that provides loan funding to small businesses. Each borrower has one or more relationship managers they can talk to. They are collecting data around social impact and are planning on monetising the data within their own business model and also to external stakeholders. AskIf will use the funding to expand referral partnership, increase the amount of their lending partners that are using the platform, make strong relationships to bring in new tech resource in house and bring in loan capital. 
investment: £668,753 target: £399,995 pre-money valuation: £3,001,323
status: Extended
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An IT recruitment and training site launched to meet the demands of enterprises that require highly skilled tech professionals. 365 Talent Portal offers companies to hire IT consultants at a lower price compared to traditional recruitment hubs. The company also allows IT professionals registered on the site to access training and certification programmes that will expand their current skillset and become more marketable to potential employers. 365 Talent Portal is raising funds to produce more prominent marketing campaigns and establish their brand in major markets such as the USA. In addition to this, the company will be using AI more heavily and develop a more automated approach on their platform for their customers.
investment: £58,000 target: £500,000
status: Active 34 days
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Ablrate.com is an FCA regulated peer to peer lending platform which connects lenders with borrowers for asset-backed loans. It was launched in late 2014 and has a community of 5000 lenders who have completed £1 million+ worth of loans per month to all sizes of businesses throughout the UK.
investment: £196,470 target: £350,000 pre-money valuation: £26,000,000
status: Active 11 days
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A compliance service allowing financial organisations to benchmark their businesses against legal regulations. Model Office integrates with existing infrastructures to identify issues in a firm's due diligence records. The service then offers guidance, strategies, solutions and resources to ensure the business is fully compliant with regulations. In addition, firms can also run the software on clients to confirm they also meet FCA and ICO rules as a safety and insurance measure. Model Office offers multiple versions of their products for customers with particular needs for a recurring monthly subscription. A full version consists of the benchmarking and audit tools, whilst an Enterprise adds an AI chat bot for further assistance, amongst many other features.
investment: £125,156 target: £500,000 pre-money valuation: £5,186,126
status: Active 18 days
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A modern mobile bank with the same functions and features found in traditional banking. Baanx offers familiar utilities such as account numbers, sort codes, direct debits, standing orders, etc., but also adds blockchain and cryptocurrency abilities that have already launched in more than 120 countries. Currencies currently available include GBP, EUR and USD. Baanx is expecting to receive full banking certification by February 2019 in 32 countries. This will allow the business to provide VISA and MasterCard payment formats.
investment: £820,000 target: £750,000 pre-money valuation: £5,248,800
status: Stretch 2 days
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An investment platform comprised of a network of influencers delivering proven approaches to develop self-sustainable economies. Blueprints brings powerful leaders in various industry sectors together to create action plans by matching resources to key projects though investments. These influential leaders include Lord Hastings CBE, Dr. Ernesto Sirolli, Dawn Nakagawa and Richard Attias. 50% of any profits from projects will be reinvested into the economy to promote compound growth. For arranging the projects, Blueprints will charge a management fee of 5%. Currently the business has a project in Costa Rica and has already made plans to begin work in East Africa, Colombia, Peru and Cuba.
investment: £769,860 target: £950,000 pre-money valuation: £8,500,000
status: Active 5 days
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Arro Money is a fast-growing money management company engaged in managing your money in a straightforward manner. Unlike traditional banking institutions, Arro uses exclusive technology that enables straightforward and hassle-free financial services. Through simple application, you can open personal or business accounts and manage your funds. Despite a few early-stage hiccups, the company has successfully opened over 42,000 accounts.
investment: £569,350 target: £1,000,000 pre-money valuation: £20,000,000
status: Active 8 days
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A financial management software application for consumers to view everything from credit files and bank accounts, to vouchers and cashbacks. Score Genius aims to launch an Alpha version of their product at the end of 2018, with a public release planned for March 2019. The service will offer users the ability to monitor their credit files and perform transactions on their bank accounts and credits, as Open Banking will be integrated into the platform. Score Genius is near completion of negotiations with large technological partners. Investments will used to market the platform and further develop features and functions, ready for the public release in 2019. Revenue streams will be comprised of advertisements, redeeming vouchers and users looking to switch their energy.
investment: £142,260 target: £200,000 pre-money valuation: £2,000,000
status: Active 10 days
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Fast-tracking ideas by connecting innovators and organisations together on a single platform. WorldLabs is helping the development of innovations by streamlining the process of those seeking funding and resources to make changes in the world. The company has already partnered with establishments such as UCL and Cambridge University. WorldLab's ecosystem is designed to assist innovators in raising awareness for their initiatives and collaborate with businesses that support the idea. To date, almost 7,000 members are signed up to the platform, with more than 1,000 live projects listed. Funds will be used to increase the number of partnerships with international universities and institutions, as well as develop a mobile app with sophisticated features such as machine learning algorithms.
investment: £310,968 target: £400,000 pre-money valuation: £4,106,563
status: Active 14 days
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  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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