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Crowdfunding Opportunities by Envestors

Care Line Live Technology EIS
Care Line Live is an award-winning revolutionary monitoring and management platform for Home Care Agencies. CLL is a client-based system that enables home care agencies to run their businesses from any place. It reduces administration, automates processes, and easily rosters client visits. It improves efficiency and productivity by giving the client more Time to Care. With the Carer Companion App, it is easy to provide instant Rota updates and helps carers to be more efficient and results in fewer errors. With CLL invoicing and payroll is quick and easy. It increases client and carer satisfaction, provides accessible and responsive support, increases compliance for CQC purposes, generates greater profits through improved efficiency and capacity. With the proceeds, the company will integrate with the 3rd party home automation platforms.
investment: £0 target: £485,000
status: Active 42 days
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The Face Recognition Company (FRC) produces 90%+ accurate face recognition solution. In 2016, the company came up with the objective to develop the most accurate and cost-effective facial recognition solution. This technology is suitable for commercial applications or crime and other security uses. Additionally, the FRC's go-to-market strategy incorporates working through large integrators/partners/approved installers, eight of which are ready to promote and install its product to their own customer base. The FRC team has technically developed this solution by combining 100 years of experience in facial recognition. In June 2018, FRC had filed for two patents: first, ‘Recognition of 3D Objects’ and second, 'Method of and System for Recognising a Human Face’. Where suitable, FRC has also set-up an EIS tax relief.
investment: £215,600 target: £490,000
status: Active 19 days
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Thyngs Ltd. Technology EIS
Thyngs harness the technology to transform any physical object into an instant point of sale. This means that the consumers can buy anything without the need to find a tool, and sellers can sell anything without a physical point of sale. It is a simple and secure mobile solution that does not require a dedicated application or payment terminals. The Thyngs platform has been designed to take all the complexity around proximity technology, mobile operating systems, and payment mechanisms that make it simpler for the buyers and the sellers. Thyngs has made great relationships with businesses like Apple, Stripe, Paypal, and Wasabi. By the end of this financial year, the company is projecting to achieve a turnover of £1.3m. With the proceeds, it is seeking to invest in sales & marketing and gain high-profile flagship customers.
investment: £335,501 target: £1,000,000
GreenPiP produce sustainably sourced, green packaging for the packaging market. Their packaging will be made of just one material and therefore it is easier for the agencies that deal with recycling once it has been discarded.
investment: £105,000 target: £1,000,000
PowerX Technology Limited Technology EIS
Enabling mobile network operators to improve their energy efficiencies whilst reducing their costs and environmental pollution. PowerX has created an AI platform with the aim of helping mobile networks reduce the level of emissions produced from their operations. The platform, dubbed Thalesto™, has been developed on IBM Cloud™ and utilises their IBM Watson™ technology. As a result, IBM® is now the sales channel for the platform and PowerX is currently in discussion with Ericsson as a potential future partner. The company has predicted their solution will cost operators £23 per mobile tower, but will result in £115 saved per tower.
investment: £755,001 target: £1,300,000
Lightpoint Medical Medical EIS
There is a pressing need for surgeons to be equipped with better utensils and equipment when performing cancer surgery. Lightpoint Medical has addressed this issue with four products in development for specific needs. This can result in higher success rates for cancer patients, in addition to reduced healthcare costs. The company is now seeking funds for expansion of its distribution channels to increase sales, as well accelerate the development of two of their four main products.
investment: £5,050,000 target: £5,000,000
Cable Dental Technology
Cable Software Limited (“Cable Software” or the “Company”) aspires to become the recognised B2B cloud based procurement exchange across the high-end regulated medi-markets. Initially, the Company is focusing upon the dental market before moving into veterinary, ophthalmic and general medicine. Helping dentists to work closely together.
investment: £10,000 target: £500,000
Billon have created a technology that enables zero cost global payments by the use of a simple mobile app. Billon's mobile app allows you to instantly pay for the rest of an article from the Guardian or even donate to your favourite Youtubers with a few clicks of a button. 
investment: £1,406,667 target: £900,000
Aveqia London is a unique interactive gastronomic experience combining a luxury restaurant with state of the art kitchens to create an exceptional venue for corporate events or private groups. Aveqia gives clients or colleagues the opportunity to work together to prepare and consume cuisine.
investment: £100,000 target: £750,000
Intoware Technology EIS
Intoware provide wearable, mobile and desktop technology to SME's and SAS clients. Intoware digitise the deskless workspace and therefore remove the need for paper checklists. Once a checklist is complete, Intoware is able to share the completed list with anyone it may concern.
investment: £700,000 target: £750,000
Intelligent Health Health and Fitness EIS
Intelligent Health aim to get the whole community active by providing games and incentives such as ''beat the street''. By providing schools and communities with friendly competition to walk and cycle more by tapping their cards on ''beat boxes'', and with prizes and league tables on offer, Intelligent health are bringing communities together. 
investment: £700,000 target: £900,000
Sprint Enterprise Technology Professional, Financial and Business EIS
Sprint Enterprise Technology was shaped in 2010 by a team of exceedingly experienced monetary consultants and business visionaries. They personally comprehend client requirements to render powerful solutions that surpass the necessities of RDR and give more financially savvy processes. Its product “Fastrak” is a SaaS-based client reporting and data aggregation platform designed to cater diverse needs of Wealth Management industry.
investment: £425,056 target: £850,000
  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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