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Crowdfunding Opportunities by Envestors

The Face Recognition Company (FRC) produces 90%+ accurate face recognition solution. In 2016, the company came up with the objective to develop the most accurate and cost-effective facial recognition solution. This technology is suitable for commercial applications or crime and other security uses. Additionally, the FRC's go-to-market strategy incorporates working through large integrators/partners/approved installers, eight of which are ready to promote and install its product to their own customer base. The FRC team has technically developed this solution by combining 100 years of experience in facial recognition. In June 2018, FRC had filed for two patents: first, ‘Recognition of 3D Objects’ and second, 'Method of and System for Recognising a Human Face’. Where suitable, FRC has also set-up an EIS tax relief.
investment: £215,600 target: £333,200
status: Funded 10 days
to go
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Wise Analytics Limited Technology EIS
Wise Analytics Group uses data to help companies, consumers and brands make better connections and more benefitial choices. They are a leader in terms of media analytics in the beauty sector, using a range of tools, technology and experience to create a product, market and consumer insight. Wise Analytics group have clients such as L'Oreal and Estee lauder. They are now looking to expand into other locations. 
investment: £0 target: £600,000
Kaleao Limited Technology EIS
Kaleao has created simple, agile and flexible hardware and software systems which provide 10x more performance per unit of space and consumes 4x less energy. They maintain all promises of the hyperconvergence through the convergence of compute, storage and networking hardware whilst teamed with a full-featured and flexible software platform.
investment: £2,050,000 target: £3,500,000
Sano Holdings Limited Catering, Food and Drink EIS
The mission at sano is to bring education and knowledge to everybody, so that they can eat healthly and take control of their own health. The strategy behind Sano to go is to become a leader in the healthy food delivery market.
investment: £0 target: £600,000
 Tevva have created a range-extended electric truck. With a small on-board diesel engine, the truck is able to re-charge the batteries while the vehicle is travelling. This enables the commercial vehicle to meet its delivery schedule without stopping for constant recharging.  
investment: £615,000 target: £2,000,000
Ancon Technology EIS
Ancon is designed to detect trace elements of things such as explosives, drugs and chemical weapons in the air. Ancon manufactures equipment and components that are up to 10,000 times more sensitive then anything else on the market.
investment: £1,043,525 target: £1,480,000
Vmoto UK Distribution Ltd Vehicles and Transport
Vmoto’s primary business is B2B leasing of electric delivery scooters for local delivery of food and goods.  Its mission is to displace the use of petrol scooters in the fast-growing local delivery industry, deploying electric scooters which are cheaper to run than the incumbent petrol scooters owing to the use of electricity, which is 1/10th the cost per mile of petrol. 
investment: £100,000 target: £500,000
Ambicare Health Medical EIS
Ambicare Health Ltd has developed light-based wearable technology for curing skin conditions such as acne and skin cancer. Their products are in-use within clinical medical facilities and they are now looking into delivering their products for home settings in a smaller and convenient hands-free form. Their products are listed in major retailers such as Amazon and Boots. Funds are being raised to further sales and marketing campaigns, as well as to complete and launch the Lustre Solo product in the US.
investment: £597,337 target: £1,000,000
Third Bladetec Bitcoin Mine Technology
Third Bladetec Bitcoin Mine is aiming to be the largest bitcoin mine in the UK. They are looking to raise £10million to fund the building and operations of the mine.
investment: £1,195,000 target: £10,000,000
Billon have created a technology that enables zero cost global payments by the use of a simple mobile app. Billon's mobile app allows you to instantly pay for the rest of an article from the Guardian or even donate to your favourite Youtubers with a few clicks of a button. 
investment: £1,406,667 target: £900,000
Arca PRM Ltd. Housing and Property EIS
Arca have introduced new tools for property risk management and created a marketplace to trade portfolio risks to match buyers and sellers of financial products connected to the performance of real estate. They are opening up the concept of short term property market risk management for property portfolio managers.  
investment: £575,000 target: £1,500,000
Market Porter is a food-tech platform connecting independant food producers, such as butchers and farm shops, with the consumers. The company are the only food-tech platform which work on a national scale instead of just locally. They source out the best small scale producers with top quality and taste, all delivered straight to your door. 
investment: £885,000 target: £1,000,000
  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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