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Crowdfunding Opportunities by Seedrs

Premium iContract Technology EIS
icontract is an online platform that connects professional contractors with recruiters and employers for job matching, professional networking and contract management.  The platform has live profiling, targeted search, connections and instant messaging.  With a proprietary algorithm that makes recommendations based on availability, skill set and day rate. 
investment: £121,067 target: £150,001 pre-money valuation: £5,264,029
status: Active 1 days
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Premium Holiday Online Leisure and Tourism SEIS
Holiday Online is a holiday listings business that aims to capture the holiday listing market in the coastal and rural regions around the UK. Partnered with Airbnb and Booking.com, the company aims at helping holiday home owners in these regions to generate online bookings without any hassles. NorfolkHoliday.com, the company's first brand, was launched as an owner acquisition site to appeal to holiday home owners in the Norfolk region. With its proceeds, Holiday Online is planning to build a new brand known as 'SuffolkHoliday.' The company plans to scale up the number of property listings that they have around the UK and to launch into multiple areas helping holiday home owners to benefit from the £200M market in the UK.
investment: £57,848 target: £75,002 pre-money valuation: £651,000
status: Active 15 days
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Premium The Funky Iron Company Manufacturing and Retail EIS
The Funky Iron Company is shaking up the electric steam iron market by making a brand based on style, innovation, and functionality. The funky irons performed truly unequivocally on various tests and met the guidelines of ‘The Good Housekeeping Institute’. Presently, the funky iron is a "Decent Housekeeping Institute 2019” approved item and is  selling successfully on Amazon with 6.75% conversion rate.
investment: £295,550 target: £250,005 pre-money valuation: £2,750,680
status: Extended
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dozens Technology
dozens is a unique banking app that constantly helps you save and earn higher interest. Authorised by the FCA as an e-money institution, dozens offers a wide range of investment products with different levels of protection. Offering a smart budgeting tool, a current account, and a savings and investment manager--all in one app, dozens aims to revolutionise the challenger banks and enable P2P lending platforms to break into the FinTech market. Within 2 months of the app launch, dozens has already been downloaded 5000+ times and has 3500+ verified account holders. With this round of investment, dozens is planning to start with the first phase of the banking license application and the development of new financial as well as digital products.
investment: £3,778,520 target: £3,500,000 pre-money valuation: £20,000,000
status: Extended
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Aceify Technology EIS
Aceify is a booking, scheduling, and performance tracking app currently used by the world’s leading tennis coaches. Aceify will help sports and fitness lovers to be able to find and book high quality training sessions in a location that is convenient for them at the right price. So far, the application has received positive feedback from both coaches and athletes. The application is endorsed by some of the top names in tennis coaching, including Leon Smith, who has coached Andy Murray. Aceify is planning to make their service available to coaches and trainers in all different sports. Its strategy is to concentrate on expanding its network in London and the whole of the UK.
investment: £123,599 target: £200,006 pre-money valuation: £2,500,400
status: Active 15 days
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AgeWage is a pension scoring system that provides customized information to the customers. By bringing together your pension pots, AgeWage scores each of the pension pot out of 100 and tells you how well they have worked for you. The scoring system offers information that helps the customer make decisions on how to consolidate pots, reinvest their money and most importantly, how to get their money back. The company has signed an MoU with Royal London to enter into B2B arrangements. It was also chosen for the Direct Support Innovate programme with the FCA. AgeWage has been voted the best new idea in the BGL partnership awards(2018). With its proceeds, the company is planning to invest in digital development, marketing the application to the general public and other organizations. Also, it is trying to build out the infrastructure to support the development of the product with third parties such as Annuity Providers, IFAs, and Drawdown Providers.
investment: £239,399 target: £200,013 pre-money valuation: £3,468,366
status: Extended 29 days
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Riversimple is a vehicle manufacturer and assistance provider exploring ‘next-generation’ electric vehicles. It offers its customers the first inexpensive, fun-to-drive and easy eco-car, delivered with a complete and cost-transparent subscription service. Riversimple has gained an investor base of over 950 shareholders from 21 countries including NZ, Japan, India and many more. The company has already raised over £2M, and its next step is to grow the engineering team and boost the volume of production engineering to enable it to reach commercialisation by 2021.
investment: £329,826 target: £750,008 pre-money valuation: £58,933,056
status: Active 52 days
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SHERPR is the ultimate door to door solution for transporting sports equipment, namely bikes, skis, snowboards and golf clubs. The company delivers premium packaging specifically designed to protect sports equipments in transit. The SHERPR business model taps into the growing leisure market with three core offerings: door to door transportation, bespoke logistic solutions for mass participation events, and a range of bike boxes. SHERPR has achieved impressive growth quarter on quarter and is currently looking to capitalize on the demands that it has created since its launch in 2017.
investment: £167,543 target: £110,000 pre-money valuation: £3,662,174
status: Extended
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MortgageGym Technology EIS
MortgageGym is a technology business that makes mortgages easier and digital for everyone. Its technology was authorised by the FCA, delivering first-to-market digital innovations. This company has provided free online advice to over 45,000 consumers and has got £100m+ of mortgages arranged to date. Moreover, it also has integrated 65% of the 20 largest UK mortgage lenders into live eligibility. MortgageGym has multiple revenue streams such as revenues generated from the arrangement of appointments with brokers, commission shares, and referral fees. From the funds raised, MortgageGym will accelerate its ongoing proposition development by investing in people, particularly focusing on technology and product. It will also use the proceeds to develop new technology features which are not currently offered by its competitors.
investment: £470,657 target: £1,500,004 pre-money valuation: £17,899,866
status: Active 50 days
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EeBriaTrade is a craft beer, cider and other drinks distributor, representing over 500 top breweries from across the UK and abroad. EeBria adopts a unique B2B marketplace model where, unlike other conventional distributors, the operation is entirely online. Since its launch in 2015, EeBria has witnessed strong growth in the UK with over 100% YoY growth in 2018, c.200% in 2017 and c.600% in 2016, and total sales of over £6.2m. It is raising funds to make its business global and planning to launch in at least eight new countries in 2019. EeBriaTrade is expected to see even faster growth in 2019 due to progress with Pub Chains, and because of new deals signed at the end of 2018 with Costcutter (1,700 stores) and NISA (2,000 stores).
investment: £214,410 target: £200,000
status: Extended 25 days
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Nightly.travel Leisure and Tourism EIS
Nightly.travel is a unique hotel booking website and the first to offer hotel switchingTM or split stay for a single trip, saving travellers upto 70% of their money in comparison to a single hotel stay. Nightly.travel has access to 75k hotels around the world and is planning to access 290k hotels in 2019. The company has been rated five stars on Trustpilot, has an average 2.5k new user registrations on its website per month, and is currently gaining influence in various social media platforms.
investment: £99,035 target: £250,001 pre-money valuation: £1,101,909
status: Active 12 days
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Keymailer Technology EIS
Keymailer is an award-winning game influencer marketing platform that allows gaming companies search authorised channel profiles in YouTube, Twitch and Mixer, make valuable offers to them, and track campaign success using proprietary analytics. In 2015, Keymailer had already expanded organically to 4,800+ customers and 660k+ member channels with a global reach of 1.3 billion viewers. Keymailer has also delivered the core of a PR and marketing infrastructure. Now, the company is shifting its focus from customer acquisition to converting recent product trials into new revenue streams. To realise this, Keymailer is working towards strengthening its development team and building an international sales force from its offices in the UK, the USA and China.
investment: £77,430 target: £150,000
status: Active 43 days
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  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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