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Crowdfunding Opportunities by Seedrs

Premium British Pearl Property Housing and Property EIS
A FCA-authorised property investment platform allowing investors to back properties and in return receive interest on their capital. British Pearl aims to make the process affordable by allowing shareholders and lenders to become property owners or mortgage providers with minimum investments of £100. The company also offer a Resale Market, which means individual properties can be classed as liquid assets. Here, users can trade loans and shares they hold in properties. Multiple property types are available on the platform, including residential, commercial, refurbishments, developments, new builds and high yield sites. British Pearl performs industry-level due diligence to property investments on their service and aid developers in acquiring equity and debt capital to create additional sales channels. British Pearl launched 3 months ago and has since raised more than £4.6m in equity funding, in addition to having access to an underwriter to purchase properties valued at over £2m. The company has more than 1,000 users on the platform and is currently in the process of increasing their marketing channels. British Pearl has been listed in Her Majesty’s Treasury's Top 100 UK FinTech companies and has been featured in numerous publications, such as the BBC, The Times, The Independent and Daily Mail. Revenue is generated via two types of fees charged to investors and property managers at certain stages of the investment lifecycle. Investors will be charged a one-off participation fee of 2% when entering as a Share Investor and a success fee of 20% on any profits accrued. Loan Investors on the Resale Market will be charged early exit fees of 0.5% on loans and 1% on shares. From this, British Pearl aims to generate 5-10% on all capital investments, dependant on investment performance and investment type. Crowdfunding investment funds will be allocated towards upgrading the website features and products, marketing campaigns, increasing the number of property listings available and providing professional services to clients.
investment: £2,086,908 target: £2,067,523 pre-money valuation: £18,457,959
status: Extended 9 days
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Making wine more accessible by using smart technology to deliver it to customer homes. sipp's range consists of more than 140 wines and the company has over 3,000 customers that have placed more than 7,000 orders. This has resulted in over 47,000 bottles sold since launching in July 2017. The sipp app offers customers’ insights into the origin of the wine by scanning the bottle label; customers can also re-purchase the same wine via this method. Profit is generated via wine sales and subscription services. The sippCLUB service allows customers to receive 3 bottles of wine every month for £29, including delivery. The company also offers single bottles of wine that can be purchased through the website, or app without a subscription. Funds are being raised to scale the business further by investing in marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness and acquire more customers. By 2021, sipp aims to serve over 100,000 users on its platform. In addition, contributions will be used to develop their proprietary technology further.
investment: £345,191 target: £300,003 pre-money valuation: £3,480,159
status: Extended 26 days
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A FCA-authorised and regulated digital credit card on smartphones, for those with modern and busy lifestyles. Jaja aims to offer a fair and transparent banking service that gives consumers greater confidence, control and freedom over their finances. The company has tested their app and card with Visa and has partnered with Asda to offer online credit instantly. Jaja's business model allows revenue to be generated via interest payments from revolving lines of credit. Two products will be offered to consumers; the Jaja Credit Card and Jaja Pay. Both will be suitable for B2B and B2C operations. Investments will be used to launch a beta round for 5,000 users to build a community before the products are publicly released. In addition, Jaja intends to expand its customer service team and produce marketing campaigns for their business.
investment: £3,345,859 target: £3,000,000 pre-money valuation: £19,006,371
status: Stretch 18 days
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A money transfer service allowing customers to send money worldwide at a lower cost compared to traditional methods. TransferGo has been gaining 1,000 customers a day since May 2018 and currently has over 700,000 users. They have processed almost £781m on their platform through 1.3m transactions and operate on a gross profit margin of 6.7%. TransferGo has 5 offices located in London, Berlin, Istanbul, Warsaw and Vilnius, with more than 100 employees globally. The company recently launched their new product, dubbed 'NOW', that enables users to send and receive monies in less than 30 minutes across borders. Revenue is generated via fixed transfer fees and currency conversion fees ranging from 0.0% to 2.2% per transaction. These fees are dependent on the currency's origin and the amount being transferred. A free option is available to customers whose transaction may take a couple of days to transfer. Funds are being raised to expand the business into emerging markets and introduce new products and services. This also means that TransferGo is aiming to provide local-language support and build new partnerships to attract more customers to their platform.
investment: £11,263,087 target: £11,119,481 pre-money valuation: £58,742,945
status: Extended 16 days
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Body care products aimed at exercise enthusiasts to help relieve post-workout fatigue. Fit Kit's shower gels and moisturisers have been specifically made to aid in rejuvenating exhausted muscles, congested nasal passages and reducing redness and abrasions. The company aims to bring health benefits in convenient toiletry products used everyday. Fit Kit is listed in over 1,000 retailers including Holland & Barrett, Wholefoods and Ocado, as well as being exported to Nordic countries. Future monetisation strategies have been planned in the form of stocking their products in gyms, as this is their main target markets and will potentially increase brand awareness. Proceeds from this funding round will aid in increasing the product range from 5 to 10 and showcasing their products at events and venues where their target audience will tend to frequent. Funds will also be used to grow the team through key hires and expand their marketing and advertising campaigns by effective use of social media platforms.
investment: £183,720 target: £150,000 pre-money valuation: £2,000,000
status: Extended 17 days
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An automated platform allowing landlords to manage their properties and save time and money on fees. With brightLET's solution, there is no need for an intermediary person to be involved in the property management process. Landlords can perform administration tasks on their own tenancies, be kept up-to-date on ever-changing regulations and manage tradespeople. Specific services available to landlords include options to book viewings, upload photos, videos and floorplans, provide reports on inspections, gas safety, EPC, Right 2 Rent and PAT checks. The brightLET platform is available on almost any device, including desktops, tablets and mobile devices. brightLET has partnered with the YMCA, this has allowed the company access to a provider market and housing association worth more than £10bn. There are various user types utilising the platform, since launch 650+ landlords, 1000+ tenants and 300+ tradespeople are using brightLET to manage their properties. Their revenue model has resulted in landlords achieving savings on property fees of £450 outside London and £1,368 within London. Funds will primarily be used for growth and expansion within London, as this is where the majority of brightLET landlords are situated. The company aims to increase their brand awareness through marketing campaigns and hire talent to assist with technology developments, sales and customer support.
investment: £63,941 target: £100,003 pre-money valuation: £3,240,000
status: Active 9 days
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Brother Cycles Sport EIS
Brother Cycles' bikes are designed in the UK and handcrafted from steel to be ridden all around the world. Their products are sold at independent retailers throughout the UK and Europe, in addition to their own website. Since 2015, Brother Cycles has seen an increase of 119% in turnover and is trading at a net profit with 2018 currently being their strongest sales period. In the summer of 2018, the company launched their B2B website and within the first week, more than 40 stockists had signed up to trade with the business. Brother in the Wild is Brother Cycle's annual cycling festival, which saw 180 cyclists joining in 2018 and predicted to grow exponentially in the coming years. Current revenue stream include their wide product range with continually improving profit margins, B2B sales and B2C sales through customers purchasing goods directly from Brother Cycle's website. Funds are being raised to launch two new products in 2019, which consist of a technical adventure bike and a high-end road bike.
investment: £105,497 target: £100,000 pre-money valuation: £1,327,602
status: Extended
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IGO Adventures Sport EIS
An award-winning adventure-travel business offering challenges led by world-record breakers across three continents. IGO Adventures offers experiences over the course of a week, or a just a weekend, in locations such as Morocco, Norway and Montana. Revenue is generated via tickets sales, which can be ordered directly from their website. A secondary source consists of creating personalised events for corporate companies. A future revenue stream will include merchandise sales, sponsorships and Media/IV licensing. In 2019, IGO Adventures plans to add weekend challenges in Portugal, the Alps, Morocco, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, as well as a weeklong experience in Montana's Glacier National Park. Funds will also be allocated towards sales and marketing campaigns, hiring more staff to satisfy customer demand and launching more events worldwide.
investment: £225,011 target: £275,001 pre-money valuation: £2,017,081
status: Active 14 days
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Holiday Swap Leisure and Tourism
Holidaymakers can reduce their travel costs by 21% via an app to book rooms from £1 per night. Holiday Swap is an online community of users that share travel tips and swap accommodations, with no sub-letting. This allows travellers to tour anywhere in the world for less. Their MyMap Feature hosts more than 10,000 travel tips on points of interest within locations, which have been submitted by users of the platform. Holiday Swap is accessible via a fully developed mobile app and is available in 184 countries. There are 25,000 active users on the platform and the company is experiencing a user growth of 5,000% month-on-month. Holiday Swap has zero debt and revenue is generated via advertisements from tour boards and airlines on the app.
investment: £240,107 target: £350,007 pre-money valuation: £15,355,188
status: Funded 25 days
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An automated property investment platform connecting investors with property asset managers and developers to invest in property opportunities. Brickowner aims to ease the burden on property asset managers and developers by taking responsibility for their administration functions, which means more time and money can be spent on their core business. This includes managing their investors, Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Client (KYC) checks, and escrow requirements. In addition to this, Brickowner also aims to make the investing process easier for investors by offering exclusive investment opportunities and corporate property clients, which would otherwise be difficult to access due to time or knowledge. Brickowner launched in 2017 and saw investments total £348k. Up to Q3 2018, that figure has rein to £4.9m in investments for the business. Investments for 8 property managers have already been processed and currently 4 more are at the due diligence stage. More than 1,330 investors are members of the platform, of which 46% are repeat investors. Since launch, Brickowner has seen an average month-on-month growth of 30%. Revenue is generated via fees charged to users on the platform. Investors are charged a 3% fee of amounts invested directly into an opportunity, as well as a 0.75% annual fee of the total amount they have invested on Brickowner. Property managers are charged variable fees in certain circumstances. This could be based on the amount they raise and the projected return. Brickowner is now raising funds to upgrade their service by offering new features and products. They also intend to become fully FCA-authorised and hire key staff to meet growing customer demands.
investment: £255,484 target: £150,021 pre-money valuation: £5,000,012
status: Stretch 9 days
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A vape marketplace created for users to market, sell and deliver their vaping products. Clouder functions similarly to Amazon Marketplace and Airbnb, whereby they own no products, but allow third party sellers to distribute their goods to customers via the Clouder platform. Clouder hosts services for B2C, B2B and C2C channels. Clouder generates revenue through a monthly subscription and via their delivery service. The company is intending to offer goods from over 60 retailers to sell their products globally. Since launching in 2017, Clouder has processed £36k of transactions, with more than 32,000 unique users visiting their website. As of September 2018, over 1,550 orders have been placed with average basket values reaching almost £24.
investment: £120,427 target: £100,001 pre-money valuation: £2,997,766
status: Extended 23 days
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A share tip service to save investors time and money by consolidating the most trusted tipsters and analysts to follow and copy. Stockomendation aims to increase trading activity and engagement on trading platforms by aggregating, tracking, collating and analysing tips offered by those working in the industry. They use a multitude of sources including brokers, websites and researchers so investors can view and follow track records of success with confidence. Stockomendation has received a £100k UK Government Innovation Grant, £200k from the Development Bank of Wales Technology Fund, partnered with a leading UK University and developed artificial intelligence technologies using Big Data to analyse the market for stock tips and advising which shares to buy or sell. To date, in the UK more than 40,000 stock tips and 300 analysts and tipsters have been tracked for the 7,500 current investors on the platform. Revenue is generated via monthly membership subscriptions, as well as licensing agreements, partnerships, sponsorships and advertisements. Stockomendation has launched in the UK and is now seeking funds to expand into the EU, USA, Canada and Asia. In addition, this funding round will allow the business to launch further monetisation methods to increase B2C and B2B relations, recruit key hires, develop multi-lingual offerings, increase data collection and develop more sophisticated functionalities such as widgets.
investment: £291,001 target: £350,018 pre-money valuation: £2,778,294
status: Active 16 days
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  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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