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Funnel Music Ltd

Funnel Music manages and develops new artists and their rights, embracing its extensive terrestrial network and the opportunities within the establishment of a digital platform. The major labels and publishers are spending less resources in early stage development. We believe Funnel offers a de risked solution for both the artist and these companies, while working towards an intelligent mining of the opportunities of the digital engagement with the consumer .

We record and develop acts at a fraction of the normal cost through in house resources and our Shared Outcome model, generating high margins from the assignment or licensing of world class recordings. This creates a templated route to expansion with the development of like minded mentor cells.  With these cells, Funnel is able to absorb a wider range of acts, process them through an intelligent and educated mentoring and nurturing journey which results in a selection of fully developed and talented artists and rights ready for global exploitation.

The business model sees early returns from straight assignment of rights held together with revenues generated through the management of the artists. As the business develops, there will be a greater emphasis on the retention of rights to establish a significant catalogue of revenue generating rights and content.

Funnel will broaden its artist flow through its terrestrial network in the UK and overseas together with the establishment of a gamified digital platform. The digital site will manage the increasing activities and interactions of artists and professionals as well as providing a window into the artists’ world for the wider public. The latter could ultimately lead to a D2C relationship to add to the initial B2B business. The establishment of a focussed and motivated user community will generate additional revenue streams such as data, subscription and advertising/sponsorship

Harnessing its existing resources, Funnel is able to offer an additional revenue centre through the establishment of ‘boot camps’ and ‘apprenticeships’ with the added benefit of increasing artist flow as well as income. The first camp is launched in Spring 2016.

In addition to receiving shares in the company, investors in Funnel Music will receive multiple concert tickets and quarterly EPs or a day in the studio with artists. More information can be found under the Updates tab.

Key elements in Funnel include

The development of valuable catalogue of rights
Creation of supporting digital user community
Experienced team in music and technology
Opportunity for early funding from major companies
Early returns with diverse revenue opportunities
Strong existing artist flow
Inclusive and expanding mentor community
Shared Outcome model
Cost benefits/’investment’ of in house resources - in region of £200,000

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