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Ethex has been launched to make it easy for you to invest positively - that is to actively put your money into businesses whose mission and impacts you support, and that also offer a financial return.

Make money do good

Positive investments deliver social and environmental benefits, not just financial ones. Sadly, this is not true of the majority of financial products.

Positive investment is just one part of the ethical investment marketplace. Find out the difference between positive investment and ethical investment here.

Making positive investment easy

In the past it has not always been easy to make positive investments, and investors have sometimes needed great patience and determination!

We think positive investment should be easy. On the Ethex website you can:

  • Compare and choose from leading investment opportunities
  • Invest and save online from as little as £1
  • Build your personal portfolio delivering social and financial returns. 

How do they charge?

Ethex has initially been supported by a number of trusts and foundations offering a mixture of grants and favourable loans. These are:

In the longer term, Ethex intends to become self-financing, with income generated from both our business and our investor members. 


Business Charges

The listing service

Subscribing to this service entitles you to have your business featured on Ethex alongside other ethical businesses.

This service is available for a fixed annual fee of between £500 and £3,000 depending on the number of investors with more than £25 that you have and the kind of investment you offer.  

Capital or deposit raising

If you offer savings or are raising new share capital through Ethex, in addition to the annual fee Ethex charges a fee on the amount raised through Ethex:

  • For deposit taking institutions, £10 per savings account opened
  • For co-operatives, a percentage of redeemable share capital, non-transferable bonds or loan notes raised on Ethex
  • For companies, a percentage of newly issued transferable share capital or bonds raised through Ethex. This fee is expected to include the provision of some upfront consultancy services.

Fees for anti-money laundering checks and receiving agent services are included.

Creating a market for your shares or bonds

If your investment is a tradeable share or bond for which you need a secondary market, you can make use of our not-for-profit brokerage service for £2,500 a year. There is no transaction charge to businesses for this service, however investors pay a 1% fee, with a minimum of £5 and a maximum of £200.

Registrar service

The cost of this service is in the region of £2.50 per annum per investor in your business, with an additional £0.50 per investor for use of the online portal. Please note that to use this service you will need the correct permissions in your articles about how you communicate with your investors.

Consultancy services

Ethex can offer advice on a range of corporate finance services. Consultancy services are charged at between £500 and £750 a day. Fixed price work is by negotiation. 


Investor charges

Buying transferable shares and bonds

Charges for buying transferable shares and bonds are as follows:

Normal fees Portfolio Service subscriber fees
1.5% of your investment amount (minimum charge £15, maximum charge £300) 1% of your investment amount (minimum charge £10, maximum charge £200)

Investments of £1,000 or more will incur stamp duty of 0.5%, rounded up to the nearest £5.


Selling transferable shares and bonds

Charges for selling transferable shares and bonds are as follows:

Normal fees Portfolio Service subscriber fees
1.5% of your investment amount (minimum charge £15, maximum charge £300) 1% of your investment amount (minimum charge £10, maximum charge £200)

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