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Fleximize is an alternative business lender, providing flexible finance options to UK limited companies and LLPs, with flexible terms that suit you. 

Fleximize was created because great businesses are often held back by a lack of funding. We want to help businesses grow – by offering business loans of up to £500,000 on a secured or unsecured basis. We’re pioneers in business lending – Fleximize was the first in the UK to offer revenue-based financing – and so we’ve created repayment options that are specially designed for SMEs, so your business is supported through every life stage and milestone.

We don’t use a ‘computer-says-no’ algorithm like many other lenders, but we are tech-focused. We’re also relationship-driven, with an experienced team that listens to each and every customer to understand their business needs.

Our relationship managers work on a 1-to-1 basis with you to find a tailored solution to your funding needs. Also, our quick decision-making process means you could have the money in your account within 48 hours.

You can come back to us for top ups and repayment holidays, and you don’t pay extra for early repayment. In fact, if you do repay early, you'll only ever pay interest for the time you had the loan.

Not only that but Fleximize also offers the Knowledge Hub – a huge collection of useful business advice and articles for small business owners on a broad range of topics.

Start growing your business today with Fleximize.

Key points

  • No fixed repayments that put strain on your business, you only pay when you make sales
  • No need to give away equity in your business.
  • You know total amount to be repaid from the outset
  • Our interests are fully aligned. We want your business to grow and be successful!

How do they charge?

Our innovative Revenue Advance provides you with flexible funding that you repay at the pace of your business.  There are no fixed interest or capital repayments every month, you simply pay us a percentage of your revenue until an agreed amount is repaid.  We analyse your trading history to determine three key parameters of your financing:

  1. How much we can advance to you (usually you could receive between one and two times your average monthly revenue)
  2. What percentage of sales you would pay to us and how frequently
  3. How much you need to repay in total

You could use the money to purchase inventory, upgrade your premises or your website, hire more staff, and otherwise improve and grow your business without worrying that a temporary slowdown in sales could put you in financial trouble. We will be with you every step of the way and will calculate what you owe in each period based on your actual sales figures.

Business Loans

Flexiloan is our own improved version of a traditional fixed instalment loan. If you prefer to know in advance what you will pay each month and exactly how long it will take you to repay your financing, this is a solution for your business. You will repay your financing by making fixed monthly payments to Fleximize. Even though it is a loan, we have added a few features to make it more flexible and business friendly than competing offers:

  • No penalty for early prepayment. Repay as soon as you wish.
  • After three successful payments you may take principal repayment holidays and pay only interest for up to two months
  • As your business grows, we will consider topping-up your loan to give you more room for growth

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