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For borrowers:
High Value Asset Lending, Peer 2 Peer Asset Backed Lending, Posh Pawnbroking … Whatever you wish to call it, MoneyThing provides both individuals and businesses with rapid finance from £500 to £500,000 secured purely against your assets and not your credit worthiness. Whether you are a small or new business with little or no trading history and need funds for short term cash flow, a property developer who needs to be the first to secure a piece of land or simply a person who is asset rich but cash poor that needs a helping hand then MoneyThing is here to help.
For lenders:
Earn 1% per month by buying into loans ranging between 1 and 12 months on the MoneyThing platform. Since MoneyThing lends its own money first, lenders start earning interest instantly with no dead time or matching process. All loans are backed by a physical asset and we only lend up to 50% of the value of the asset such as jewellery, classic/collector cars, aircraft, luxury watches, boats, etc. We also lend against property or land and on exception basis MoneyThing lends up to 60% of the value of the asset.

Key points

For borrowers:
·         Instant decision (since we loan our own money first).
·         Rapid access to funds.
·         No credit checks.
·         Interest and capital is only due at the end of the loan term.
·         All costs rolled up into the rate. (No other fees.)
·         Can be a useful short-term stepping finance whilst seeking longer term, more traditional finance.
For lenders:
·         Earn 1% per month as soon as you invest in a loan.
·         All loans asset-backed up to 50% LTV. (Up to 60% against property).
·         Lend from just £1 for 1 month.
·         Interest paid monthly.

How do they charge?

MoneyThing does not charge any fees for borrowers or lenders.

Business Loans

The easy way to use your assets to release money.

MoneyThing’s vision is to create a better deal for both borrowers and lenders.

We are proud to provide borrowers with a sensible alternative to banks and building societies and to remove some of the difficulties now associated with finding finance.

At MoneyThing, we provide our lenders with secured-asset lending. This means that to become a MoneyThing borrower, you will need an asset – a property, a car, or a valuable on which we can secure our lender’s investment.

MoneyThing will provide loans to a maximum loan-to-value ratio of 50%. We will consider providing loans of a greater LTV on an exception basis when property is used as security.

At MoneyThing, we have three types of borrowers; personal borrowers, corporate borrowers and pawnbrokers.

No matter what type of borrower you are, MoneyThing are here to help.


Earn 12% per year on your savings through our asset-secured loans...

After years of rock-bottom interest rates, savers are looking for new ways to make their money work harder, just as borrowers are seeking out new sources of loans to fund activity and fuel growth.

Peer-to-peer lending from MoneyThing offers our lenders competitive returns compared to those normally offered by banks and building societies.

With our asset-secured lending ALL loans are backed by an asset, provided by the borrower. MoneyThing will provide loans to a maximum loan-to-value ratio of 50%. We will consider providing loans of a greater LTV on an exception basis when property is used as security.

As a MoneyThing lender, you have additional security, since you buy existing loans which MoneyThing has already vetted, asset-secured and lent on ourselves. In other words, we make loans with our own money, secured on physical assets. We then make these loans available on our platform.

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