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Code Investing

A well-established debt finance platform. CODE Investing's marketplace caters for a vast range of regular and non-traditional investors. There are opportunities to invest and borrow in both business and real estate finances. The company also offers a Mini-Bond product.

Borrowers will receive assistance on their proposal to ensure they attract the right lenders. CODE Investing's structure allows them to work flexibly and transparently with each business and tailors an offer appropriate to the borrower. The company use standardised contracts to speed up the application process and publicise the borrower's campaigns.

Lenders can invest in SMEs that match their own criteria and without having to invest in costly infrastructure, whilst receiving SME-level returns without the administration hassle. Lenders have access to all businesses on the platform, or can choose sectors they are interested in.

  • Back individual business loans via Code Investing's investment opportunities page.
  • Loan terms vary depending on the investment opportunity.
  • There are no fees for investing in a loan.
  • Once funds have been invested in a business, and the business funds successfully on the Code Investing platform, you are unlikely to be able to take them out of your investment until an “exit event” happens: The company is bought by another company, is listed on a stock exchange or buys back shares from its shareholders.

* correct as of 09/08/2019

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Min investment
Estimated return
up to 10%

Invest in mini-bonds to support UK businesses with their goals.

This product is ideal for those with a large sum to invest. Mini-bonds can generally offer returns much greater than government or cash bonds.

Customers receive regular payments and pre-set returns for the life of the bond.

There are no investor fees for investing in mini-bonds.


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  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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