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Funding Circle

Funding Circle is one of the oldest P2P lenders (est. 2009) for business loans. Enabling investors to directly lend to small businesses via 2 risk band products; Balanced and Concervative and exit via their active secondary market. Businesses can borrow between £5,000 and £500,000. Funding Circle's algorithm decides on which loans you buy. Loans are secured by a personal guarantee of the business owner and the business itself. The AutoLend system diversifies your investment. No more than 1% is invested in a single loan, reducing your risk. Investors include thousands of individuals, the Government-backed British Business Bank, local councils and universities.

  • Back business loans secured by a personal guarantee via 2 products; Balanced option is higher risk but higher reward, Conservative option is a lower risk and lower reward.
  • Funding Circle invest your money via an Autolend system (Autolend will diversify your money to 100+ business loans. Lend up to 1% of your money to each business. See Funding Circle).
  • 6 months to 5 year terms.
  • There is a 1% annual servicing fee on the outstanding loan amount.
  • There are no fees for selling loans via Funding Circle (please note that all loan parts offered for sale require another investor to purchase them. This means there is no guaranteed access to cash).
  • IFISA available.

* correct as of 20/09/2018

Borrow up to £1,000,000 Invest from £1000

Borrower rate vs Default rate

* Borrower rate represents the gross interest rate charged to the borrower. * Definition of what represents a default will vary according to each platform. * Default value represents loans originating from that month

  • Total lent

    The total amount ever lent out by the platform


  • Average loan

    The mean average loan amount


  • Biggest loan

    The single biggest amount lent out


  • Biggest default

    The single biggest default


  • Min investment

    The minimum amount needed to invest


  • Established date



Funding Circle

Min investment
Estimated return

Funding Circle are a peer-to-peer lender that focuses on lending to small businesses. The majority of their loans are unsecured but they have an AutoBid system that spreads your risk.


Min investment
Estimated return

  • Earn interest tax-free2
  • Annual subscription limit
  • Minimum initial investment of £1,000


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