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Market Invoice

Established in 2011, MarketInvoice is a peer-to-peer lender specialising in invoice financing. They offer a variety of different invoice financing solutions such as; Selective Invoice Discounting, Confidential Invoice Discounting and Contract Finance. MarketInvoice does not charge investors fees for transactions taking place on the platform.

Investors can withdraw undeployed funds from their account at any time. MarketInvoice will process your withdrawal request within three working days. Invested funds (e.g. funds currently deployed in invoices) cannot be withdrawn until the invoice gets repaid.

  • Back individual invoice financing loans secured against the invoices.
  • Set your investment criteria and invest automatically into fractions of invoices.
  • Terms vary depending on the loan.
  • There are no fees for investing in a loan.
  • There is a MarketInvoice servicing fee which varies depending on the amount of funds you have lent out.
  • You cannot withdraw funds until the invoice gets repaid. Due to the short duration of the investments, MarketInvoice does not currently offer a secondary market.

* correct as of 17/07/2019

Invest Now Borrow up to £2,000,000

Market Invoice Borrower rate vs Default rate

* Borrower rate represents the gross interest rate charged to the borrower. * Definition of what represents a default will vary according to each platform. * Default value represents loans originating from that month

  • Total lent

    The total amount ever lent out by the platform


  • Average loan

    The mean average loan amount


  • Biggest loan

    The single biggest amount lent out


  • Biggest default

    The single biggest default


  • Min investment

    The minimum amount needed to invest


  • Established date



Selective Invoice Discounting

Min investment
Estimated return

Acquire funding if you receive specific invoices from debtors. This product is ideal for those with irregular or one-off cash flow requirements and have a minimum turnover of £100,000. Choose from paying through a contract option, or pay-as-you-go.

Confidential Invoice Discounting

Min investment
Estimated return

Gain funding for multiple invoices that are outstanding, this product is aimed at firms with regular cash flow requirements for a 12-month term and minimum annual turnover of £500,000.

Contract Finance

Min investment
Estimated return

For businesses who are seeking a regular stream of revenue upfront and with no minimum term. Get access to funds against not only contracts, but also licenses and retainers.

Business Loan

Min investment
Estimated return

Get funding as soon as two days for up to £100,000. This product is for businesses who require large funds and prefer to repay their loan in instalments with no early repayment charge within 12 months.


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