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Relendex are a P2P short term property loan specialist. They allow you to invest over a period of 6 months to 5 years from £500 to millions. You choose individual loans yourself to invest in or use Relendex's autolending system and set a criteria to lend on based on an amount, risk and interest rate that suit you. All loans are secured against the property of up to 70% LTV.

Relendex do not charge the lender, you receive the interest rate agreed. Relendex charges borrowers an arrangement fee and a service fee, both are expressed as a percentage of the value of the loan. The arrangement fee is paid upfront. The service fee is paid quarterly to cover operating, transaction, management and monitoring costs and is disclosed in the Auction Particulars for each loan auction. It is possible to access your capital early by reselling loan-parts to other lenders on a matched bargain basis through the Resale Marketplace. There is no charge for utilising this service.

  • Back individual loans secured against property via the Auction MarketPlace.
  • Invest direct or via an Autolend system (Set autolend system to bid automatically on loans that meet your pre-set lending criteria. See Relendex).
  • 1 year to 5 year terms.
  • There are no fees for investing in a loan.
  • There are no fees for selling loans via Relendex (please note that all loan parts offered for sale require another investor to purchase them. This means there is no guaranteed access to cash).
  • IFISA available.

* correct as of 29/03/2018

Borrow up to £2,000,000 Invest from £500

Borrower rate vs Default rate

* Borrower rate represents the gross interest rate charged to the borrower. * Definition of what represents a default will vary according to each platform. * Default value represents loans originating from that month

  • Total lent

    The total amount ever lent out by the platform


  • Average loan

    The mean average loan amount


  • Biggest loan

    The single biggest amount lent out


  • Biggest default

    The single biggest default


  • Min investment

    The minimum amount needed to invest


  • Established date




Min investment
Estimated return

Relendex is suitable for small or large investors seeking fixed-income with security over property.


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