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Relendex vs Lending Works

Relendex Established 2011

Invest from £500

  • Back individual loans secured against property via the Auction MarketPlace
  • Invest direct or via an Autolend system
  • 6 months to 5 year terms
  • There are no fees for investing in a loan
  • There are no fees for selling loans via Relendex
  • IFISA available

* correct as of 17/07/2019


Lending Works Established 2012

Invest from £500

  • Earn 6% per annum on a 5-year term
  • Earn 4.5% per annum on a 3-year term
  • Minimum investment is £1,000
  • Insurance is provided via the Lending Works Shield
  • Full control: Re-invest funds, draw an income, or withdraw funds early
  • Back personal loans secured by a personal guarantee
  • Lending Works diversify your money across multiple loans. Lending up to 10% of your capital on one loan
  • No fees for investing

* correct as of 08/08/2019

Borrower rate

* Borrower rate represents the gross interest rate charged to the borrower.

Default rate

* Definition of what represents a default will vary according to each platform * Default value represents loans originating from that month.

Total lent

Relendex £23,577,000
Lending Works £175,131,116

> The total amount ever lent out by the platform

Average loan

Relendex £589,425
Lending Works £6,218

> The mean average loan amount

Biggest loan

Relendex £1,400,000
Lending Works £30,957

> The single biggest amount lent out

Biggest default

Relendex N/A
Lending Works £28,550

> The single biggest default

Min investment

Relendex £500

> The minimum amount needed to invest


The statistics are generated from data we have collected. We can not guarantee that there are no errors, omissions or inaccuracies.

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