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ThinCats supports growing SMEs from all sectors by facilitating financial lending and borrowing practices. There is over £500m capital to deploy and £294m has already been lent across 941 loans to businesses. The company can offer loans up to £10m to borrowers and offer returns up to 8% to lenders. Loans are secured with personal guarantees, chattel mortgages, legal mortgages, debentures and inter-company guarantees against assets. Loans can be used for working capital, refinancing, acquisitions, asset purchases and growth financing. Any interest amount received will be charged at 1% of the annual rate.

  • Projected interest rate up to 8%
  • Terms range from 2 months to 5 years
  • Investors can choose which loans to invest in
  • Loans are security backed
  • Secondary Market available
  • A 1% lender fee is applied to the interest rate

* correct as of 17/07/2019

ThinCats Borrower rate vs Default rate

* Borrower rate represents the gross interest rate charged to the borrower. * Definition of what represents a default will vary according to each platform. * Default value represents loans originating from that month

  • Total lent

    The total amount ever lent out by the platform


  • Average loan

    The mean average loan amount


  • Biggest loan

    The single biggest amount lent out


  • Biggest default

    The single biggest default


  • Min investment

    The minimum amount needed to invest


  • Established date




Min investment
Estimated return

Invest from £1,000 up to £20,000, tax-free in the same financial year. Transfer-ins are not currently accepted, the account can only be funded by depositing cash into the IFISA. Transfer-outs are allowed, subject to the new provider's terms and conditions.

Due to regulations, only investors who hold a standard account are eligible to open a ThinCats IFISA.

ThinCats customers with existing investments on the platform are able to sell their loan parts on the secondary market, the cash generated from these sales can be transferred into the IFISA.

Uninvested cash can be withdrawn from the account and will normally be processed within 3 working days.

There are no fees for operating a ThinCats IFISA.

Pension Lending

Min investment
Estimated return

Customers can use their pensions to invest in secured loans of their choosing and earn tax-free interest in the process. In addition to this, pension contributions are eligible for tax relief. This means a basic-rate taxpayer’s contributions benefit from an extra 20% tax return that can be used to further invest in the pension.

Customers with either a SIPP or SASS pension type are eligible for this product. ThinCats pension partners include Whitehall, Morgan Lloyd and SIPPclub.

Community & Social Investments

Min investment
Estimated return

Customers can earn tax relief by investing in good causes, such as charity and community projects. This government initiated product offers two types of tax relief: Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR) and Community Investment Tax Relief (CITR).

SITR contributions are invested in social businesses. In return, lenders will receive interest on their loan and HMRC will give 30% of the lender's investment back. The minimum term for SITR tax relief is 3 years. The maximum investment is £1m per tax year.

CITR contributions are invested in enterprises that have under-invested communities. Lenders' funds are invested in Community Development Finance Institutions (CDFIs), who then invest in enterprises that oversee disadvantaged communities. Over a 5-year period, investors of this product will receive 5% tax relief per year of the capital invested. There is no maximum investment amount.


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